Introducing the Male Chastity Belt (This Is Not a Joke)


Maybe you're a bit skittish because Eva Longoria and Sandra Bullock are just two of the most recently super-gorgeous, amazingly talented ladies who have been cheated on. Or maybe you've been burned in the past.

Either way, do you have trust issues in your relationship? Do you want to ensure that your hubby won't stray, no matter where he is -- whether he's hitting up Vegas or Atlantic City with the guys to reenact The Hangover or just commuting to work? Or would you simply like to prevent him from getting off so frequently to Internet porn?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, well, then the perfect solution might just be the Chastity Belt for Men. This device -- which is actually not a gag gift, being that it costs $150 -- is meant to literally secure your guy's junk in penis-shaped medical grade polycarbonate plastic. 

Regardless of the glowing testimonials on the website ("The CB-6000 is so comfortable that I sleep and go to work with it on!") and despite the fact that a man can supposedly still urinate while wearing it thanks to a "convenient" hole at the tip, it looks like this device would not only be excruciating to wear, but the trigger for a nasty infection.

Must be a joke, you say?

Think again ... the manufacturer -- which actually presented the Chastity Belt for Men at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas recently -- promises that the Belt is anything but. In fact, the website calls it "A Married Woman's Guide to a Happier Relationship," claiming that the Chastity Belt could actually serve to make over a stale marriage: "He will worship the ground you walk on. Men love power, and knowing you have exchanged this power will bring him to his knees." 

That said, I guess I see what it's really for -- S&M-ish sex play! If power tripping gets you off, you might find it hot to hold the key to his plastic box of treasure. But otherwise ... what the hell? If you have so many trust or control issues that you actually need to physically LOCK UP your guy's manhood -- I'm just going out on a limb here, but -- that $150 might serve you better if it were spent on therapy.

What are your thoughts on the Chastity Belt for Men?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

If any woman has to actually consider buying this for her husband her marraige is the $150 to put towards a divorce. This is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time.

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

This makes me sick to my stomach.  So much for trust and loving your husband.

angev... angevil53

i would hate to see what my dh would want to lock in my vagina if i did this crap to him. and the whole internet porn thing...omg, it wont stop them from watching it, so either accpet it or leave bc you're just making each other miserable.

nonmember avatar Omybigbamboo

I proposed this to my husband just to see the response and the idea went down in flames!!!!!! His reply (in jamaican patois) "yu tan deh an put it on I am no ones property only God owns me! Ummmm just a little defensive. Yeah and the discussion that followed. I'm with sweetcherry on this one save the money for the divorce.

steff... steffielynne

i honestly LOL'd when i read this. while i think its horrible because there are actually people who are that untrusting, but just the thought of a guy in one just makes me laugh, but you can bet your behind i would never ever spend $150 if my husband cheated, i'd kick his ass out.

Atypemom Atypemom

i almost choked when i saw this and thought, "it can't be real".  

i'm with steffielyne, i'd kick the jerk out instead of wasting $150 on what looks like a terribly uncomfortable and funny device.  

DebaLa DebaLa

First off: how many men 'accessorize' ?
Second: Who do you think is going to clean that thing ?

N.Ven... N.Venegas

This is pointless if your man strays or would stray just say goodbye or get divorced no need to spend $150 on this BS (excuse my language). Seriously though go have a fun time at the salon for $150 instead get pampered.


Um..just leave the guy if he is unfaithful! And if he isn't - seek help for your trust issues! Good lord..this is the most redonkulous invention ever. Any female that wants her guy to wear it is for sure going to get her ass dumped - whether or not she has "good" reason.

Takara Denai Arpri Reaves

Since all men (and I mean all) cheat this would be good for those who don't trust their man at all. This is why I will be single forever.

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