Is This an Ad for a Gym Membership or a Porno?


We know sex sells all sorts of things, but did Equinox go too far with their latest ad campaign? Our friends over at TooFab! have the commercial in all its glory, and really, it is completely over the top! Go see for yourself.

I'll say this ... it didn't make me want to go to the gym! However, it did make me want to go to my bedroom, turn down the lights, and shut the door! Not sure how many calories I will actually burn, but I guess it's better than watching television!


erotica, sex, sexuality, turn-ons


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rosei... roseisrose

 wow- that is really sexy. and I don't really get how it has anything to do with working out-- seems to me just another ploy to show half naked men and women all over each other--- and then throw in at the last moment that is about a healthy lifestyle.... ohhhh ok, yeah sure...

and if its for TV viewing - then no, its just not really appropriate either.

fmchavez fmchavez

Pushing a car in high heels is a bad idea (generally). But yeah, that doesn't make me want to go work out either.

gurle... gurleymomma

I don't see what this has to do with a gym or working out at all.

Femal... FemaleRacer

I liked it.  it makes me want to work out and dress up sexy.   Though I don't think it's ok for regular TV. 

nonmember avatar Sapphira Linae

If you'll notice in some of the footage, models don't just stand there and look pretty. 99% of the time it's physically taxing like you wouldn't believe (like holding your legs in the air with skates on for 3 hours straight or the couple on the rooftop bending and supporting each other's weight for 2 or 3 hours). I don't think it was about sex at all.

Devil... DevilInPigtails

I agree completely.  Nothing said gym about it. 

Wendi Watson

weird. it doesnt look like it has anything to do with working out at all.

mocha... mochamominwa

even if it does showing models not just  standing. It has nothing to do  w/ a gym . its  not  appropriate.

insomnia insomnia

that's what you pick up at the gym...

SuieQ SuieQ

Porno and not a sexy one at that. They look like they needed to eat in the worst way. Show healthy people at healthy weights and that will be the gym I join.


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