Is Your Man a Cheat? 12 Ways to Tell


The most important trick to not getting cheated on by your man is knowing how to spot potential cheaters from the outset. This is not always easy. But according to the UK Daily Mail, there are a few characteristics many cheaters display.

With the help of relationship experts, they give us 12 ways to spot a cheat, but I warn you, if you're anything like me, you will see yourself (and the one you love) in them. Never fear. The reality is, we have to trust our own instinct with this stuff. No simple list will affirm our worries or assure us that we aren't with a “cheater.” Anyone can cheat in the right circumstances or stay faithful given the same.

Nevertheless, here are the 12 ways:

  1. You earn more than him: They suggest that this will ”dent his ego,” but hey, whatever happened to marrying a man whose ego isn't tied up in his paycheck? I will never earn more than my husband (who happens to be in a more lucrative career), but I can say without a doubt that if I did, he would be psyched.
  2. He works long hours: Apparently if you and your partner only spend 10 percent of your time together, you're at risk for cheating. I call BS on this one, though. Long hours are part of the success equation, unfortunately. Long hours may just mean he is devoted to the family and to providing for it.
  3. You live together before getting married: If I hear one more study on this, I will scream. Living together before marriage can be a very good thing if you consider it a marriage audition. You learn all about one another so the first year of marriage is a much easier transition.
  4. His father or brother has had an affair: Yes, your man may have inherited a genetic variant that affects an important attachment hormone called vasopressin, which may lead to cheating. Or, he could have just learned the same bad behavior that his dad and brother have. Either way, this one is legit.
  5. He has a twin who cheats: Duh.
  6. He's been married before (but you haven't): I don't put much stock in this one given he probably wants to make this marriage work like his last one didn't. So there.
  7. He's sex-obsessed: Um, do you know a man who isn't?
  8. You live in the countryside: Well this makes perfect sense, right? What else is there to do in the sticks? Luckily, when they say "cheating," they probably mean farm animals, so it depends on your definition. Just don't hire any hot milkmaids.
  9. He was privately (or religiously) educated: Further proof that religion only hurts people ...
  10. He doesn't like your family or friends: Men are less likely to cheat on you if they like your posse, so have cool friends and you are in the clear!
  11. He's a social-networking enthusiast: Facebook means only one thing: Infidelity. For reals, yo. Keep it away.
  12. He has a lower IQ than you: "Earlier this year, a study by Dr Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist from the London School of Economics and Political Science, revealed the smarter a man is, the less likely he is to cheat on his partner." Of course.  

Do you think these are true?


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Danielle N Thornton

No I don't think these are true.. There are no signs to tell if they WILL.. only signs to tell if they ARE.

Aura Leigh Oosterveld

Lol, I definitely think that last one is true. Only an idiot would cheat on a woman he chose to marry.

As for the others, maybe... genetic is a high possibility, since that has been proven, and long hours CAN mean cheating... I don't know, though. It seems like we are trying to explain something that has a simple explanation. Some people just think that it's cool to have a go on the side while pretty wifey sits at home. Some people shouldn't get married because they clearly don't know the meaning of the word "commitment".

Cynth... Cynthia0815

These are the most foolish ideas I have ever heard.


Numbers 2, 3, 7, and 8 apply to my Husband..and He is not cheating. lmao. These "signs" are a bunch of baloney.

CatsI... CatsInTheBag

No way.. maybe for a chrinic cheater but the signs of an affiar.. you THINK you KNOW IN YOUR HEART that he has changed in some way.. even a small way like buying a different type of underwear can be a sign. Men tend to change for a new woman!!

nonmember avatar thegoddesofwine

FACEBOOK = CHEATING yeah peopl hate hearing the truth about theyr beloved social networks but its true. the temptation is always theyr like many other things. I met my significant other on Myspace... so saying that.. im sorry but its true.

nonmember avatar Tahn

Living together is just an excuse to "try before you buy." It's a bunch of bull to think that you have to live together to see how the first year of marriage will be. If you can't get to know a person living separately, then you will not know them. People rush into living together so soon and too much. It's a ridiculous concept and the bible is definetely against. it. Oh, I forgot! We have to keep it hush-hush when it comes to God or the bible. It seems that people don't want to follow or hear anything about God. According to pop culture, we only mention God when we need something.

nonmember avatar j

this is a lie im a twin lived with my wife before we got married and look at me never cheated on my wife. my roommate that i have right now cuz im in the army has had 2 ex wifes never cheated on either one of them so how bout get it straight

Nicholas Kong

Love blind, Blind Love. What do you say?
go love your parents if they are still here. :)

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