Legal Kiddie Porn? You've Got to Be Kidding


surfingNews out of Oregon that grants people who search for kiddie porn some legal leeway sounds like child porn just got legalized. So how could this be good news? Because surfing the Internet for your porn just got a whole lot safer.

Turn off your creep alert! We're not advocating you join NAMBLA today or change your avatar to pedo bear. The truth is -- sadly -- you don't have to be searching for child porn to accidentally stumble on it these days or, worse, have it worm its way into your hard drive via the latest virus. Yes, even you law-abiding horndogs are at risk.

That's the reasoning behind an Oregon Supreme Court ruling that ruled "people who surf the Internet for child pornography haven't violated a law against encouraging sexual abuse of children -- so long as they haven't paid for, downloaded or shared the porn." It rings awfully close to "hey, go ahead, search for it, you know you want to" and gives us the heebie jeebies.

But with the bad comes the good, right? It sets a precedent that will hopefully spread across the land for the rest of us. We can have our Internet porn and a little safety from prosecution if entering "girl on girl" into Google lands us accidentally on a site with two little girls going at it. It's a lot easier to explain to the cops that you were disgusted by what you saw if you have the law on your side. Because the cops very well may show up.

That's what happened to Matthew White in 2009. The 22-year-old was downloading a "girls gone wild" video on Limewire, or so he says. Instead he ended up with little girls on his computer, a visit from the FBI and a prison sentence. Now he's a sex offender, just for going after a little legal, above board, average American male desired porn.

I know what you're thinking: of course, that's just what the sickos are going to say, that it was all an accident. But several friends who work with computer repair and maintenance would beg to differ. People bring in their laptop complaining it's lagging or not working entirely, and when the IT folks start sifting through the viruses, they find hard drives bogged down with accidental porn downloads. Maybe one or two comes from hardcore creeps, but it happens so frequently, and the owners so often convey real shock, that it's evident this is a serious problem.

Do you take the risk of Internet porn?


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Sweet... Sweet_Faith

All those Oregon judges NEED to be disbarred! This is sickening!

Katie Sasso

No it's not sweet. if you had actually read what the blogger said, it's not legalizing kiddie porn. Believe it or not titles can get ambiguous sometimes and people can actually stumble on some sick shit without meaning to. As well, if you had paid attention to what she was saying, computer fixing people say all the time that people bring in their computers all the time and are absolutely shocked by the stuff that comes up. Viruses, trojans, are smart f*ckers these days. I think, if cops were to show up they know the difference between someone who's seriously trafficking or hoarding kiddie porn videos or who's casually looked at it and someone who had absolutely no intention of finding the stuff. There needs to be a defense for the latter

Saras... Sarasahmof3

If you don't understand how a site maybe confusing think about in comparison to  The .com was a porn site while the .gov is a government site. You maybe looking for one thing and find something you don't want. It is to protect the innocent who stumble across a site they had no intention of really hitting in the first place.

skrawli skrawli

they should all be castrated. . .those that condone it and those that think its ok.


I have downloaded stuff tons of time and it turn out to be porn instead of what it said it was but never child porn. Guess it could happen.

kisse... kisses5050

 The problem is pornographers trrrrrryyyyyy to make it  sneaky ... I was searching American Girl Doll once for my daughter before we had strong filters on our computers....OH MY!!!!

Katie Sasso

Skrawli, none of us are condoning actual child porn or viewers of it. I think it is despicable and wrong. What I am addressing is the very real possibility of wandering upon something you weren't looking for. It does happen


This sickens me.

And by the way..the FBI won't show up at your door after one accident..they watch for repeat searches/downloads/etc. It's Law Enforcement knowledge.

Danielle Linsley

never will again that's for sure!

klgomez klgomez

Porn is gross and demeaning, anyway.  Barf.

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