With This Ring, I Thee Shed: Divorce the New Marriage?


Divorce ring
If and when my girlfriends ever get a divorce, instead of coming over with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a listening ear, I'll throw them a divorce party, similar to the bachelorette party I threw for them a few years before, complete with a "Newly Single" sash.

That's because divorces are becoming so common, they're now considered a "life milestone," as if it were comparable to marriage, having children, etc.

Is it me or is that just sad?

I understand that a woman will want to celebrate her newfound independence after a crappy marriage, but it seems extreme to turn it into a spectacle. There is an entire industry marketed to celebrating divorce: divorce rings, divorce photographers, divorce registries, and even divorce ceremonies.

It's becoming the new wedding.

Sure divorce has this taboo attached with it, as if it's something to be ashamed of, which it's not. Sometimes things just don't work out. But to expect others to drop cash just because you are cast into the single world again sounds selfish and egotistical. When my friends get married, I tack their save-the-dates onto my fridge, party the night away for their bachelorette parties, fly across the country for their big day, and have no problem with spending money for a piece of fine china. But to ask me to do that again because you're getting a divorce?

I'm pretty sure the ones that are turning divorce into a party comparable to a wedding are the same ones that were in love with "getting married" not "being married." You know those girls. The bridezillas that demanded everyone's attention be on them, not just on their big day but throughout the entire wedding planning process. They loved being the center of attention, but once those I do's were said and the honeymoon was over, they were faced with "till death do we part," and that's not nearly as fun. But now with divorce becoming such a celebration in itself, they can have the spotlight on them once again.

What do you think about celebrating a divorce like a wedding?


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Jenny... JennyG0929

I think its awful. Making divorce look fun is an out to someone who might otherwise work it out with their spouse.

ocmom... ocmommy2two

I think it's really tacky. I'm going through a divorce, and I could never "celebrate" it. I have one, soon-to-be two young children, and what kind of a message would that send if they ever found out I had a big celebration because I was officially divorced from their father?

nonmember avatar believeinlove

Weither homicide or suicide, a divorce is a death, and no such thing as "natural" death. Nothing to celebrate. Seems like a wake, sitting Shivah and a funeral are more appropriate. (Someone can still makes a buck on them). Our consumer culture has turned the a lifetime covenant commitment into a credit card account.

butte... butterflyfreak

I have to admit, the day my divorce was final, I went out and partied it up that night. I had lots of friends buying me drinks but no way I would expect anyone to buy me anything "commemorative" for it. 

Austi... AustinsMommy306

i think it depends on the relationship. If the woman is hurt and depressed and it wasn't what she wanted than no dont' party she's not happy. but if it's a woman who was abused and put through hell i think yea it should be celebrated but not to the point of throwing a party....maybe a few friends gettin together if ne one has ever been in an abusive relationship they can relate to that...it's like a major weight lifted! but it's still sad. i've only been married 6 years our marriage has been through hell..whether it ends some day or not before one of us is dead i do not want a party!

mamak... mamakrysoftwo

My divorce will be a happier time than before or during the marriage.  It will be well worth a party

Photo... Photomom89

I think it is really sad. But then again I also don't think you should get divorced simply because you aren't "in love" anymore or you "just can't work it out." That is ridiculous. I think divorce is really something that should only be done if someone is cheating or someone (spouse or children) is being abused. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but that is truly how I feel. My parents are divorced but my dad had become an abusive alcholic and drug addict 2 years after marrying my mother.

armyc... armycoppertop

I think my sister would have thrown one for me when my divorce was finalized because she never really approved of him in the first place, she just bit her tongue cause he made me happy and would have found the party as a way to keep/put me in a good mood about it.

ShyJen ShyJen

It depends on how much you hated the marriage I guess. If both partners were miserable and hated each other then go for it, have a divorce party. If the marriage failed because of one person, not both, then a divorce party would be alittle immature and rude.

crazy... crazy_mum

I am in the process of getting a divorce-I am not celebrating it as suggested in the article-However I am celebrating it the day that it becomes final with a true girls night out-Do people think its wrong-Don't know or care-I am able to sleep with all of my decisions-I will say that I would not buy something such as a divorce gift I do think that is tacky

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