My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With My Orgasm -- HELP!


Question: My boyfriend is OBSESSED with making me cum, finding my G-spot, etc., and it bothers me. I don't need to cum every time, and he thinks that's messed up. I've started faking a lot, and now he expects these dramatic orgasms every time. Should I come clean or should I just stop "finishing"?

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Roxey... Roxeybunnie

OMG my husband is this way jesus its like leave me alone then he ask's "was it good" "did you like it" "are you cumming"  did you cum i feel so much pressure because hes adorable lol and i love him hes good in bed but a lot of women dont orgasm during sex and oral takes forever sometimes you just want to have a intimate moment with no expectations having a orgasm for women isnt a must every time.

nonmember avatar Lisa

And this is a problem how? Just be glad your boyfriend isn't out for his own big finish, then rolls over, falls asleep and leaves you awake and frustrated!

Rita Kolnicky

You say that your "boyfriend" is obssed with your orgasm, etc...First of all, did you EVER REALIZED that this person is NOT your HUSBAND! Therefore, If I were you, I would KNOW that "THIS IS COMMITTING ADULTERY, which IS a SIN AGAINST GOD, and you will NEVER be blessed with FORNICATION, so, my advice TO YOU would BE:" To leave this male who IS only abusing YOU, and taking pleasure in doing so as far as he can satisfy HIS LUST, which is NOT LOVE! If he loved you, he would respect you and leave your private parts alone, for your body does NOT belong to "him" whatsoever!- I would appreciate, if YOU would REALLY think about this situation, and Not allowing him to continue his abuse, ONLY to satisfy "his" lust! Besides, wouldn't he try the same with any other female??? Please, dwell on this advice, and I garanty you that you'd be much better OFF withOUT this type of male! If I did not care, & see what's WRONG with this picture, I would not have bother giving you the advice you do NEED very Much! ~ ~ I feel badly for you honey, and pray that the Lord will show you, what you just read and so, "be liberated of from this awful bondage!...Love, "me"

nonmember avatar Christine

NOT your HUSBAND! Therefore, If I were you, I would KNOW that "THIS IS COMMITTING ADULTERY, which IS a SIN AGAINST GOD, and you will NEVER be blessed with FORNICATION,

~~~~~ Adultery is when one person has sex with another person who is married. If you are boyfriend and girlfriend, while I know according to the Bible you should abstain from sex until marriage, you are NOT committing adultery. Adultery is when one or both people having sex is married to someone else other than the person they are currently having sex with. Please do not throw this in the OP face when it has nothing to do with her question. Thank you.

biker... bikerchickmommy

wow *rita* i hope your joking but if your not....................if you're going to bible THUMP maybe you should get your facts right.

i am by no means a church EVER sunday person or HAVE to read my bible EVERY night, but i do believe in GOD ( i know i'm a SINNER in your eyes) and i KNOW by reading your reply that ADULTERY and just plain old FORNICATION are TWO COMPLETELY different things.

Elena TheCuntess Gandara

Rita & Christine... How about giving some actual advice & learning how to write? Your heads are so stuck up the "bible" which i'm VERY sure YOU don't even fully follow (btw, that was a load of crap written by like 40 different, hallucinogenic, hypocritical men). Read the bible, it contradicts itself over & over. "Jealousy is a sin." then you look at the 10 commandments; "1-Don't make any gods before me." "Don't kill!" then "Kill the evil sinners to protect yoursefl." Yikes. Also, according to the bible, JOKING is a sin. What a life, huh? EVERYTHING is a fucking "sin." Sounds like you're rallying up more hate than love for the sake of that goddamn fictional book. So, I think if this lady wants to have sex with her boyfriend and is asking for advice, & you're gonna give her some, make it REALISTIC & USEFUL, not some "SHAME ON YOU!!!" bullshit!! >:(

Elena TheCuntess Gandara

Oopsy, didn't mean to throw you in there, Christine. Didn't read the whole comment. Haha. ;)

June_... June_Mama09

 Rita needs as man like you obviously haha someone is a lil tense ahahaha...


anyways, I totally know what you mean... all that pressure makes it very hard to enjoy sex yet alone get off... He probably thinks that when he says that stuff he is "talking dirty" to you and it is turning you on... maybe you should try being more vocal? That way he will be distracted by what you are saying... or kiss him so his mouth is busy... or just tell him that you want to hear his moans of pleasure so no talking allowed, or just be honest and say that when he says that stuff it is a turn off... GL!

NE1ou... NE1outthere

What ta heck thats a problem? Sounds like he loves you girl and wants to know what pleases you. You think of sex and I think it may be bigger than that. If he wants to please you like that and really follows through with it . Thats not a problem!confused

entro... entropyislove

I had fun reading Rita's comment. All those unnecessary capitals and quotations, trying to picture her yelling random words (my advice TO YOU would BE:) all made me LOL.

On a serious note, I've been there on both sides with my fiance *GASP, not husband* And as long as it's good I don't care if I don't climax... still feels nice, ya know? I fear I'm unable to orgasm, i never have in my life self or otherwise. DF sees this as lacking on his part... So I don't know if my advice will be all that helpful.

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