16 Things We’d Never Do in Bed Again!


You have to try everything once, right? Like that new perfume you just had to snag, or the newest holiday coffee at Starbucks, or your friend's suggestion of trying out the spooning position for morning sex.

But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna do it twice. Our friends at The Frisky share 16 things they will never, ever, do again in the bedroom.

Have you tried any of them? Do you have your own list?



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toria... toriandgrace

I personally think that, when used correctly, ice can be fun in bed! And I have laughed at my hubby's dirty talk, but we're so comfortable with each other that it didn't kill the mood at all.

LoveF... LoveFaithPeace

I like bathtub sex...It's great it just takes practice lol. Going through with sex even though the guy was acting really weird turned out to be a real bad mistake I never wanted to see him again so I can relate to that one. I love to use olive oil it's never stained my sheets. I liked the rape fantasy once probably cuz my honey doesn't really have a dark side thats so evil...it's just more powerful and demanding and I liked it. Had a cheating hookup type thing...(I was like 14 years old if that counts) and it did screw up everything, duh... lol but hey I felt so horrid I never cheated or even had the desire to cheat ever again. So I guess I don't regret that one.  Oooh I like ice! Lol just not too much at a time...lol very small pieces. Have laughed at sexy talk and kinda ruins the mood I agree. Have had to move several pictures of my family members so we didn't accidentally have an orgasm and glance at their picture at the same time lol total mood killer there.  

Holly. Holly.

LOL - I've done them all except cheating, one-night stands and the acrylic nail in the butt thing, haha. And many of them I'd totally do again. ;)

tinam... tinamarie1972

Ive never tried the ice in bed during sex but have done intamate sex in the shower

Scarves Zhao

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