Lessons From 'Big Brother': Sexting Isn't Always Cheating


Brendon VillegasWhen I first heard Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 broke up with Brendon Villegas because he was cheating, I had to go with the whole girl power "good for her" response. Then I read why she was mad: he sent naked pictures of his pee-pee to another woman. Oh, Rachel, that's not cheating. That's just plain stupid.

It's certainly in worse taste than videotaping your apology to your girlfriend and posting it on the Internet instead of, say, going and chatting her up face-to-face (ahem, are you listening Brendon? That was a jerk move), but can you really consider this cheating? Let's examine the details.

A sext -- in this case a photo of a naked penis -- does not mean there was any physical contact between the guy taking the picture and the cell phone recipient. If you believe there has to be actual penis in vagina action to be cheating (although you're pretty rare), this doesn't count.

If a sext contains pledges of love, intimate details, or anything indicating a person has some emotional connection to the recipient, it would indicate an affair of the heart. This wasn't a love letter. It was a picture of the guy's naked member. It doesn't count.

And finally, this was a picture of a penis. Have you looked at a guy's penis lately? They are the man's sexual organ, but there is not one sexy thing about a penis. They're an odd color and an even odder shape. When not erect, they bear a striking resemblance to turkey neck. And then there's that whole goose-pimply sack hanging underneath. I'll take a photo of Taylor Lautner's naked abs my husband's abs any day. But if someone sends me a pic of their pecker, they'd better be sure there's someone handy with a garbage can. It's just not swoon-worthy material.

So Rachel, if you want to break up with Brendon, do it for the right reasons: because he thinks it's OK to apologize on YouTube. And while you're at it, tell him no one wants to see his penis.

Do you think sexting is cheating?

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Tracy Bounds

nope its all good!

Princess Ballerina

Sexting can be a form of emotional cheating. It can even lead to both types of cheating. Why is it not cheating because it's online? That's bull. Let me get your husband's number and let him sext me. What would you be saying then?

How are you comparing abs to a penis? I mean really? I think you need some anatomy classes.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

So if your husband sent some chick from the office a penis shot-and you knew she was interested-you'd be cool with it???

Sorry-I wasn't....Along with the other text messages and email my husband was dumb enough to send and get involved with-doesn't matter if it never went full bedroom-it was leading up to it-and cheating of emotions hurts just as much.

tsk tsk

Laura Kirwan

It completely depends on the intent behind it. If it was a joke, fine. But if he was sending naughty texts with the intention of getting pleasure (whether that "technically" comes from himself or not), I believe that's wrong. It's disrespectful and hurtful, whether or not anything physical was actually done.

annaica annaica

If my husband decided he should go ahead and send messages of his body parts, I would consider divorce.  I wouldn't go thru with divorce because of the fact he didn't cheat but obviously he is THINKING about cheating because this kind of behavior is saying, "Hey... I want you"  without the words.  It is incredibally dumb to do this.  If you want someone else, tell your significant other that you want someone else BEFORE you attempt to get in a relationship with them.  I believe that is just common courtesy...

Beths... Bethsunshine

If you can't do it in front of your spouse/ significant other, it's cheating.

music... musicmomma_89

Seriously? Maybe you can't consider it ACTUAL cheating, but I would be pretty pissed off if my husband was sending naked pictures of himself to some other girl. It would be a major issue and yes, if he was my boyfriend instead of my husband I would break up with him over it. You really wouldn't be pissed if this happened to you?

mojoe... mojoe12776

Love you Jeanne, love the article!! Chuckling all the way, but I'd kill him! The way I look at it it may not be cheating per say but its just plain not necessary.  If you are in a commited relationship with someone there is just no reason that you need to be sexting pics to girls.  Yeah, Id kill him and boil his turkey neck along with his giblets!!

Ohiom... Ohiomomto2

I would definitely not be okay with what he did, but let's face it...  I can't believe that she wanted anything to do with him to begin with (nor he, her for that matter)  She's an annoying loud mouth, and he's more of a girl than I am!  I couldn't be with a guy that is an emotional train wreck that he is..  I have no problem with guys that cry, in fact, I think it's cute, but this guy is disgusting, and he needs to just shut up and fade back into the background (and take the cackling hyena with him)!

Colts... ColtsFan1912

it's cheatinig to me. you don't have to have sex to cheat.   ..its called an emotional affair & can be just as damaging as a physical one

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