Shopping With Men -- Worse Than Bringing a Toddler


Men shoppingHave you ever gone to the mall to go shopping with your man? How’d it go?

Did he eagerly help you pick out a new pair of shoes or did he complain and whine like a toddler that you had enough shoes already and that he was thirsty?

Well, it’s the holiday season. And there is much shopping to be done. You don’t really want to do it all yourself. It’s fun to have some company plus it’s time that the two of you can spend together.

And he needs to get some gifts too. His Great-Aunt Uta deserves something other than the annual gift of a scarf and a pair of gloves.

Here are 10 tips guaranteed to make the shopping experience with your toddler man more enjoyable:

1. Make him go potty before he leaves the house.

2. Go shopping early in the morning when his energy level is higher. And be realistic about the amount of time you can spend at the mall. You definitely don't want to go too close to his mid-afternoon nap on the couch.

3. Feed him a healthy and filling breakfast, preferably one full of protein and carbs.

4. Pack some snacks and/or gum for when the whining starts.

5. Promise him a treat if he behaves. Ice cream or oral sex, his choice.

6. Let him think that he is part of the decision-making process, even if you already know exactly where you are going to go and what you are going to get.

7. Make sure to include some resting time like having lunch at the food court.

8. Go to at least one store he is interested in such as an electronics store, sporting apparel shop or even Victoria’s Secret.

9. Download a new app, like a video game, for his phone before you leave the house. It'll help keep him occupied.

10. Have fun with the experience. A sense of humor will go far.

Any other tips to having a successful shopping outing with your partner?

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TippyD TippyD

and sadly, all of these work for toddlers too!!!! loll.... LOVE IT!!

clean... cleanaturalady

Haha.  I never go shopping with the hubs. 

MammaG MammaG

Boo.  If you don't like to shop with your partner, don't bring them.  This is sad.  How about respecting them?

SAHMo... SAHMomOf3

I took a friend of mine shopping with me. He was great!! Picked out some REALLY cute stuff for me, and paid for some of it too. Most enjoyable Black Friday shopping experience I've had to date!

Kimberly Virga

Grocery shopping is even worse. Example: Me- Could you go get the milk while I wait in line at the deli? Husband- Milk? Where is it? Why do we need milk? What kind of milk? I don't even know where they KEEP the milk in this place. Is it next to the bread? Why can't you just do it after? I need to go to the cookie/cereal aisle and pick out my cereal!! (this actually means pick out his cookies. yeah.) You would think you just asked him to climb the Empire State building wearing stilettos.

Addys... Addys_Mom

Oh yeah. And forget sending him to the store for anything. I give him five things that I cant find time to go get and he calls at least twice asking me where things are and it takes like 10 times longer than it would have if i had gone. I love my honey but a shopper he is not. I have a best friend for that.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Leave him home if he doesn't enjoy it. I learned that lesson years ago.

nurse... nurseangel44

No, I leave him home. Every time he goes with me, he is ready to go as soon as we get there. He is a fun sucker, doesn't like to shop or spend money.

Steph... StephanieSD

We go separately, or split up once we're out. He's the shopper, I'm the one who needs the distractions. I buy one or two things quickly while he takes hours to decide on a pair of pants. I happily sit in a bookstore cafe with my coffee and book while he shops.

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