Don't Have Sex With a Football Fan


football fans bad sexFootball season is huge where I come from. If you're a man, you're in front of the screen or at the college stadium every chance you get. So it's no surprise to me that found out some really annoying statistics about football season and its negative effect on a couple's love life.

Football widows, prepare to nod your head in agreement.

According to the survey, now that football season is underway:

33% of men polled have put their dating/love life on hold

35% say their love life is affected by team allegiances

25% say their love life is centered around tailgating parties

Really? What kind of no-action-getting loser puts his love life on hold for football? You know it lasts quite awhile there, big guy? And there just might be someone hanging out in the real world ready to take your lady away for the winter.

Additionally, if you want to get your football fan's attention, here's what some of them suggest:

When it comes to getting a man’s attention during football season:

63% of men say it’s the girl in the slinky tank top

35% say it’s the girl wearing his favorite team jersey

So after you put me on hold or decide I'm not worthy because I'm rooting for Pittsburgh, you want me to don a slinky tank top or your team's jersey?

Eat it football fans.

Ladies, may I suggest baseball fans? The game is slow enough for other activities in between innings.

Are you with a football fan? Is it as horrible as this?


Image via Jayel Aheram/Flickr

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Sleep... SleepingBeautee

Good Lord I am happy my guy is a geek that doesn't like football. He is always ready to go. Momma's got NEEDS!

nonmember avatar mrsjksimmons

I don't have this problem since DH and I sit in front of the TV and watch the game together. I am just as much a football fan as he is. :) I love football. I spend 6 months worth of Sundays in front of the tv watching football and the other 6 months waiting for it to come back on. LOL

nonmember avatar Allboys

The hubbs watches one team play. He goes to his friends house to watch the games. It's his man time and I don't begrudge it. I don't want to watch the game and he is always happier when he comes back from man cave Sunday.

Warren Merrill

This is an ignorant article from a woman who hates football. The numbers she proposes as a problem are a one/third minority. Besides, if a guy loves football it's a three hour proposition once a week. Isn't there something women like to do for three hours that don't include men? I wouldn't want a partner that's so clingy I couldn't have three hours a week. I would never be so clingy to not offer the same freedom.

nonmember avatar sum1

OMG! sooo right! Ok first of all its not 3 hrs a week its pre game game post game thn sprts news after all tht and thr r several games on in any given day as well... the eraly morning games the noon time games and the night prime time game.
Thursday, monday, sunday!
I used to be a hge FB fan but DH has ruined it for me forever... Now I Pray for the end of FB season :( but even thn thrs always march madness... >:{
I almost want a lock out nxt yr ... no wait I DO WANT ONE! not one of the lil tiny hahaha made u blink ones a real long F U buddy lock out. pretty plz....

Mrscj... Mrscjones

My guy love football when he's done watching the games dinner is cooked we sit down n have couple time together. Its Not that serious get a hobby r start watching the game n stop complaining r u will miss a great play

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