Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Divorce for Lamest Reason Ever?


Actress Eva Longoria and her husband, basketball star Tony Parker, have likely split.

Though their reps currently deny it, multiple sources are reporting the split and say that Eva will file divorce papers soon. So sad. According to The Huffington Post, the reason is a year-long text message exchange between Parker and another woman, a woman who is said to be a good friend of the couple.


It might honestly be easier if Parker has actually slept with another woman. A one-night stand is easier to forgive than an ongoing exchange that may or may not have involved physical intimacy. It makes sense why Longoria left him.

But did he actually cheat?

I say yes and then some. The desire to sleep with another person is one thing, the desire for intimacy is another.

What was Parker getting from these alleged exchanges that he wasn't getting from Longoria? If I found out that my husband was cheating this way -- more of a "cheating in spirit," but not in body -- I would be more disturbed than by him getting drunk with the boys and having sex with someone.

This isn't to say that both are not massive betrayals, but one is the betrayal of body one time and it's over. The other is a betrayal of the emotional intimacy and partnership spouses share, a spiritual betrayal. So, so much worse.

And this isn't even to mention the fact that it was with a friend. That is possibly the worst part of all.

Et tu, best friend?

Not having kids made this a no-brainer. Obviously if the two had children, it would be a whole other ball game and, though the urge to poke his eyeballs would be strong, counseling would probably be a better option. But in this case, with no kids, Longoria is probably right to cut her losses.

At least this way she can find someone whose sexy text messages will be sent to her and her alone. After all, isn't that the kind of marriage we all want?

Do you think this is a lame reason for divorce?

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nonmember avatar Allboys

I think every persons reasons for divorce are incredibly personal and unique to their situation. You and I can't declare ultimate knowledge of what's most likely a complicated situation based on one sentence. It's not our business. I hope they both get through this and move on to be healthier people.

madfoot madfoot

I don't buy for one single second that this is really why!

247ma... 247mamaandwife

I think that if those are rule brakers for her as in trust and a relationship then it is just

Judith Becker

Anytime only on person is aware of what is being done in a relationship it is as bad as cheating. She seems to be a lovely person and I feel bad a decent woman cannot trust her mate, and what about the other woman. Woman have to respect one another.

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