The 5 Types of Man Kisses


Kissing on stepsWhat kind of kisser is your mate? Does he welcome you home with a big, wet one like the Saint Bernard you had when you were a kid?

Or do you get the old tight-lipped peck on the forehead? The kind of kiss that reminds you of your dad?

Kissing, whether you get a wet or dry one, or a short or long one, is an important part of a romantic relationship.

But not everyone is a good kisser.

Still, there's hope. Better kissing is all about the communication. He doesn't know what you want and what you like until you tell him.

The following kissing "types" can help you isolate your man's kissing don'ts. And help him improve on his oral skills from there:

Leave No Saliva Behind: This is the driest kiss in town. Like making out with sandpaper or how the soil must feel when there's a drought. The guy's got to take a big sip of his water, or bourbon, before he goes in for the lips.

The Fish Out of Water: Ever seen what a fish looks like when it gets dropped on the counter while you're trying to clean its bowl? The sad gasping for air? Picture a man moving his lips the same way. Not a pleasant thought and not a pleasant feeling when those lips are against yours. The man's got to breathe deeply before he goes in for the smooch or get better at breathing through his nose.

The Pecker: Remember that drinking water bird toy from your childhood? The one that kept dunking its head in the water glass like it was pecking at something. Peck, peck, peck. Scientifically interesting. But not if it's your kissing partner. Ten seconds worth of lip time is too long for him. He needs to be trained to rest his lips in place for longer and loosen them up.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Aka The Slobberer or the Saint Bernard, like the aforementioned childhood puppy. When he's done kissing you, he'll have left enough water waste behind to remind you of his presence for a long time. Make sure you have lots and lots of tissues. And hope that he had been sucking on a mint.

The Marathoner: Endurance is great if your partner is training for the New York City Marathon. When he kisses you, he keeps going and going. You don't think you're going to make it to the Finish Line. But after you hit that endorphin wall, around the 20-minute mark, you don't want him to stop. So getting there can be a little painful, but hanging on until the end is worth it.

What type of kisser is your partner? Did you have to give him pointers after the first kiss?

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Bizzy... BizzyBella

How about none of these :/ Why do you make it out like all men are bad kissers? My husband kisses me just right, not dry, not wet, not pecks, not a marathon. Sweet, sexy, perfect kisses.

wootza wootza

I totally agree - a mix of all or of none?  It also depends on what he's trying to tell me - missed you!  love you!!!  Feel better.  Wanna....??  lol

OpalG... OpalGoddess

I can agree with BizzyBella and wootza...

nonmember avatar thully

my man dont kiss me bad he just a good kisser and he alwys turn me on when we kiss each other and i love that a lot

nonmember avatar Sarah

My fiancé and I often don't really "connect" when we kiss so we rarely do and it sucks the intimacy out of the relationship :( we are very attracted to each other and we have great sex but not being able to "make out" is a bummer. Is this a bad sign?? We've been together for 6+ years and love each other very much. Please help!

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