Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson to Film Simmering Sex Scene


Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonKristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are about to put their off-screen relationship to the test. New details on Breaking Dawn indicate the movie script goes beyond the book, and that means bona fide sex scenes in the fourth Twilight installment.

The scenes will be more detailed, with more sexual dialogue.

Talk about pressure. For a couple that has been notoriously camera shy, this could play out one of two ways:

It's the sexiest thing ever (fingers crossed). They're young, and they're still in that early "oooh, he's/she's so hot phase."

They haven't fared badly on screen -- fans' assessment of their on-screen chemistry only boosted rumors that they were a couple when Pattinson and Stewart were still vehemently denying it. Not to mention, this year's win at the MTV Awards for "Best Kiss" was their second, so they're halfway there.

If they're worried, the two could take a page out of the dual lives of True Blood co-stars and husband and wife Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. “Everybody on set now gets to see what goes on behind closed doors,” Stephen told Redbook recently. "We leave nothing to the imagination!”

They tank it. Sure, they're professional actors, but this isn't just pretending to be into someone. It's a delicate balance of being into it without betraying something many couples consider the most intimate (read private) moment of their lives. It's not hard to imagine the cameras could get in the way.

After all, it's happened to more experienced actors than the young K-Stew and R-Patz. Remember Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli? They may have been so close the media dubbed them Bennifer, but they were so far apart on screen that it was painful to watch. Although fortunately, we do not remember Twilight author Stephenie Meyer using the words “it’s turkey time" anywhere in Breaking Dawn. If only we could say the same about the Gigli writers.

Of course there's a third option: Bill Condon screws it up. The director is charged with putting sex in the film to follow the storyline from the books. But he has to be careful to keep the teen audience that's made the Twilight franchise a gazillion dollars and not piss off parents. 

Which means he'll be putting even more pressure on Kristen and Rob to keep their love just chaste enough for a suitable rating.

Can these young lovers take it?


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Just_... Just_Bethy

Yeahh..the ONLY reason I paid for 2 tickets is for my daughter to see it...Boy are they ever awful movies....Looks like I won't be taking her to see this one..Sounds like to much sex for her....Guess I won't get Mother of the Year this time around...Ohhh Well I'll live!!!...Maybe Ill use the money I;ll save for Chinese?! LOL...

lizzeh lizzeh

The Chinese will probably be better than the movie. Lmao. 

Addys... Addys_Mom

It better be well done or it will ruin it. I was really impressed with the classy way that stephanie meyer handled the sex in the books, not making it too racy so the movie should follow suit.

firee... fireeyes81

Selling sex to kids.  Fantastic.  Just what they need.  eye rolling

Ashley Brown Schissler

everything is about sex these days listen to all the music hello!!!!!! a movie wont make them do things they shouldnt and if your good parents you will trust you taught your children about sex and have faith they will wait cause with or wothout a movie teens will do what they want in the end!!!!

Amy Persefield

To be honest with you, I am really looking forward to what they do with this movie all together. With Bella giving birth, that will be gruesome enough. As far as the sex scene, I am more then sure they will make sure it is kept PG-13 at least. I am a mother myself and my daughters absolutely loves the Twilight movies along with the books. I do plan on taking them to go see it as long as it's PG-13. As for me on the other hand; I'm going either way. If it's rated R, my girls will just have to wait when it comes out on DVD. I'm sure they will hate me, but at least I am better capable of making sure they don't see the scenes they shouldn't be watching.

Danielle Kretchmer-Karns

the books have a sex scene and all of us adults cant wait to see it so they better not make it to pg-13 or i will be upset i cant wait to see this one and lets remember on their honey moon stuff gets broke pillows get ripped .....

Christine Hitt

Hmmm yeah it's not selling sex to kids. It is a love story with murder...maybe young kids shouldn't be seeing it in the first place. They should stay true to the books and give it a rating accordingly, if the parents have a problem with it, don't let your children see it...problem solved. I think it would be a lot better movie and more true to the book if they gave it a rating of "R". Plus I won't have to deal with a bunch of 12 year olds yelling the whole time I am trying to watch the movie!

Beverly Good George

for one im am so excited about the movie i also am a mom and i think this is more of an teen/ adult movie anyways . sex sells and its part of life i dont see why it should be look at as a bad thing not saying that i would let my child watch a sex sean in a movie but look at titanic there was sex guess what my mom did ... she sent me out the room for that part not a big deal.

Ignacia Salcedo

I have seen the other movies, and each time they make them they maake them more exciting, so yes i cant wait to see how they portray the book, and i do hope they make it rated R, like or not thats the way the book is and like anything it should like the book.

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