Do Guys Have a License to Be Gross?


no farting signI work five days a week in an office. I sit in a cubicle, but not the kind with high walls that allow for privacy. These cubicles, rather, are like big tables with mere foot-high dividers — not nearly tall enough to impede a supervisor’s casual glance at your monitor or even the air that your cubemate expels from his mouth eight hours a day. Fortunately, I sit right next to a man who makes me chuckle with his insight and witticisms. Unfortunately, he burps all day.

Guys can be so gross ... and I wonder, "Why is this okay?"


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nonmember avatar Debora Juddge

Welll... until it is shown that burping and the ensuing fallout causes a decrease in productivity, don't expect management to get involved.

If you can't be pseudo-direct, like "Hey Bubba, I'd bring yer slippers and toenail clippers for you so you'd feel more at home, but The Boss might get the wrong idea..." Or "You know, there's a $10 cork fee for bringing the bubbles but not the cork." Yeah. Gross.

nonmember avatar nonmember

Look fools, obviously you are unaware of the differences of men's & women's bodies.. In this case due to the general larger sizes that a man's stomach & gastrointestinal tract are versus a females means that larger pockets of air are produced to expel via the esophogus.. Beleive me, you gals would have a heck of a time attempting to muffles some of these air pockets that our body thankfully produces to expel.. Further, you'd agree that it feels much better to get it out & properly as well.. On the other side of this, it is quite annoying to everyone regarding the frequency you gals go to the bathroom for whatever, not to mention the loss of productivity the female gender fails to compensate the company for in this regard.. Your boss will agree ; DO YOUR JOB, DO IT RIGHT THE 1st TIME, EVERYTIME & STOP YOUR BELLYACHING BABE[S]..

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