Robert Pattinson Tries to Date Like a Normal Person ... Fails Miserably


robert pattinson kristen stewartPoor Robert Pattinson. All he wanted to do was take his (alleged) GF Kristen Stewart out for a nice Italian dinner in West Hollywood. Who knew the date night would end in such disaster?

After enjoying a romantic meal, the pair were bombarded by paparazzi while trying to slip out. And judging from this photo (left), Pattinson was NONE too happy about it! (See more photos on tooFab!, and make sure to note that clenched fist. It's a good thing none of them got in his way!)

So much for a low-key night out!

Twilight fans are forever frustrated that the two stars are secretive about their rumored relationship. But no wonder the two are so private: They're barraged by cameras everywhere they go!

Rarely are the two seen out and about together away from their supposed Hollywood love shack; although, this week we saw a departure from their typical clandestine routine. They were spotted cuddling at Soho House in Hollywood on Saturday night and then enjoying wine at Ago on Monday (when the photos were taken).

The fact that Pattinson and Stewart embarked on a public romantic night out at first suggested that the two are finally comfortable getting their relationship out in the open. Although, from the looks of things -- namely Pattinson's fierce scowl -- does this mean the end of date night forever?

Are you sick of hearing about Pattinson and Stewart?


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sweet... sweetcherry_59

Who cares? Let them live their lives.

Crystal Morales

I say let them be... yea they are the hottest couple its nice to hear about them but geesh! let them be already!

Margo Gaydos Machnik

How is she drinking wine at Ago when she's like 19?

Nancy Haldeman Simmons

Poor guys!!!  It just comes with the job!!!  You could say it is bad when they quit wanting to follow you!!!

Crystal Morales

p.s... i love these stars! cant wait for breaking dawn pt 1 =)

Kayla White

it's kinda annoying about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

Lucy Roberts

Why cant they just leave them two alone i mean good lord thats why some relationships dont last that long and their a good couple leave them alone..they can sue the paparazzi for this is they wanted to because that is invasion of privacy and basically stalking them.

Britney Wertz

Seriously! Leave them ALONE!!!!!!!!! Do you idiots Really have to ruin every good thing? I'm gonna laugh my butt off when Rob breaks some camera guy's face.

nonmember avatar jayelynne

Just a thought. How come Kristen had no problem being the happy camper all smiles and public displays of affection with her ex-boyfriend, but with Robert she is always frowning and sullen and never smiles. He never smiles when he is with her either. She had no problem with the paparazzi when she was with her ex and the paps were snapping pictures of them holding hands, or her hanging on his back for a piggy back ride or even kissing, but with Rob, she seems distant and sullen all the time? Same girl, it's just a different boyfriend right, what is the big difference in her attitude now? I don't get them.

nonmember avatar andrea

Let them be.

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