Could You Live in Dickshooter, Idaho?


Intercourse, PAWould you move to a town, like Dickshooter, Idaho whose name would give most people pause when they hear it?

I don't think I could because every time I had to give someone my address, I would giggle. Or blush.

I know, maybe I have an immature sense of humor, like a 13 year-old boy, but isn't saying you live in Horneytown, North Carolina funny?

So in the hopes of making you giggle, chuckle, or just plain laugh out loud, below is a list of 20 towns whose names may give you pause, along with some of each town's imagined characteristics:

1. Climax, Georgia: Had to institute a city-wide noise ordinance because the townsfolk were so loud.

2. Horneytown, North Carolina: Largest users of condoms in the US.

3. Intercourse, Pennsylvania: The town center is located where Snatch Street intersects with Wee Willy Way.

4. Bald Knob, Arkansas: Where manscaping was invented.

5. Blue Ball, Pennsylvania: Population is primarily female with a few male masochists. Located a long 80 miles from Climax, Pennsylvania.

6. French Lick, Indiana: Town founded by a Parisian Madame who made her fortune by inventing the bestselling Mini Tongue sex toy.

7. Dickshooter, Idaho: Men are required to wear Kevlar-coated pants due to a history of attacks by disgruntled female snipers.

8. Fidelity, Missouri: Receives a large annual influx of married couples relocating from Hooker, California.

9. Onancock, Virginia: Town motto is "Better to be Onancock, Virginia than near Mianus, Connecticut."

10. Big Beaver, Pennsylvania: No vaginal labioplasty surgeries going on here.

11. Erect, North Carolina: Viagra isn't sold in any of the town's pharmacies. No erectile dysfunction among the male population.

12. Beaver, Arkansas: Located just north of Taint.

13. Cumming, Georgia: Unexplained tremors regularly jolt the town. And the citizens are always happy.

14. Conception, Missouri: Birth control is outlawed here.

15. Three Legs Town, Ohio: Also known as Tripodville.

16. Nuttsville, Virginia: Male citizens have an uncontrollable urge to put their hands down their pants. And it's not frowned upon.

17. Big Bone Lick, Kentucky: Large percentage of male residents have penile dysmorphic disorder. And a relentless desire to consume big Popsicles.

18. Fort Dick, California: Home of the largest manufacturer of male chastity belts.

19. Moorhead, Minnesota: Sister city to Dildo, Newfoundland, who gifted the phallic sculpture that sits in the Moorhead town square.

20. Finger, Tennessee: Also known as Thirdbase City.

Does your town's name have a funny double meaning?


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RanaA... RanaAurora

We've got Humptulips here in Washington.

CherB... CherBearCM

I live on Hickey street, not quite as bad as Dickshooter but gets lots of comments nevertheless!  Oh and there are some Canadian cities with some lovely names too... Dildo, Newfoundland, Spuzzum, BC, Spread Eagle, Newfoundland... oh and there are many more ;)

I would laugh too every time I would have to say those names as well!  LOL  Thanks for sharing

nonmember avatar Christine

I live in the town right next to Cumming, GA and I must admit I have giggled over the name plenty of times!

nonmember avatar nonmember

I was through Vulva, S.C. a number of years ago & quite fittingly, I recall its central parallel avenues abundant with growth..

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