5 Pretty Ways to Conceal Your Condoms


Multicolored condomsHave you ever been fooling around with a guy, and when it gets to the point where you need birth control, he opens up his wallet and pulls out what used to look like a condom?

He's probably been carrying it around for months, waiting for this moment. But the condom wrapper is worn and wrinkly and probably has a few tears in it.

Talk about a libido kill.

These days, a woman has got to be prepared. You can't leave it up to the man. And if you're packing some condoms, you're more likely to use them not only as a means of birth control but, just as importantly, as a way to ensure that you aren't exposed to any STDs.

But you don't want to be obvious about it by dropping a few condoms in your purse. Or having them just hanging out on your night stand.

Below are some pretty and discrete ways to always be prepared:


JIC Metallic Condom CaseJust in Case Metallic Compact ($25)

A modern, mirrored compact case with a hidden compartment large enough to hold two condoms. He'll think that you're just re-applying your lipstick but, surprise, he's about to get lucky.





Devine Toys Condom Cube ($23)

A pretty, lacy box to keep a dozen of your condoms where you need them most: on your bedside table. And how about this feature: The box has a magnetic closure so you can open it with one hand. Because the other one is going to be busy!



Glow in the dark condom case

Global Protection Condom Compact ($3)

This glow in the dark condom compact will come in very handy. No fumbling around in the dark if you drop it, which is likely to happen if you're all excited to get it on. Holds three condoms.




ooo Savor Me condoms

ooo boutique's savor me Condoms ($10)

A box of six flavored condoms uniquely packaged in a cube. Pretty and inviting enough to keep by your bed. The box says, "I'm so hungry for you to ..." You can fill in the rest for him.




ONE Condom case

ONE Travel Tin ($2)

Each metal tin holds three ONE condoms. You can pick your own wrapper design for these unique round condoms and make a statement when you whip one out of the tin. Just hope nobody reaches in your purse and pulls the tin out thinking that it contains mints!


What do you keep your condoms in?

Images (top to bottom): Tomizak/Flickr; Just In Case; Devine Toys; Undercover Condoms; "ooo" boutique; ONE Condoms

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lovin... lovinangels

ah, the pros of having married sex with a man whose had a vasectomy. I never have to worry where to keep the condoms.

nonmember avatar Nicole

So his condoms can ferment in his wallet for however long but my condoms have to be pretty and accessorized and hidden away? Nevermind the fact that there are plenty of places to get condoms from free, college clinics, planned parenthood etc but then we should go out and take the time & money to doll up something that is deathly serious for both partners? No and wrong.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Nicole... I think you missed the point. The ideas are for those that WANT or fee the NEED to dress them up. Besides, having them in a protective container prevents them from being over exposed to heat. I wouldn't trust the one hidden away in the wallet-

Get your free ones from planned parenthood... but keep them in SOME sort of a container to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Because as long as it isn't cool for men to wear purses to carry their cute condom boxes- us women are going to be stuck with the unreliable ones that have been hidden and warmed up against Romeo's backside for however long.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Agreed, HistoryMama. Having a container is probably the safest way to store them, if they're not in the original box.

nonmember avatar nonmember

.. Just to interrupt these 1950's responses ; we now have many more reliable forms of contraception even if you can't be on the pill.. Again, the best place for rubbers is on the drugstore shelf, collecting dust..

A'v SwagBaby

Well yu have fun getting stds hunn.

Joe Brian Lyons

I won’t say wear a condom because to me that leaves the impression that this article is strictly about men. URL

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