Admit It, Ladies: You Only Pretend to Like Football


One of the best things about getting married seven years ago was that I could finally stop pretending to care about football.

Because of my fetish for larger men, I almost always ended up with guys who played or liked football, so I spent many a fall engaged in "football lessons." Hell, I grew up in Ohio where football is religion and spent most of my Friday nights at the game, wrapped in a plaid blanket and "rooting for the home team!" (Or wait, was that baseball?)

There were many nights I came home from a game and couldn't even tell my father the score. Yeah. It was bad. Even my husband was relieved when I gave up the ruse.

"I never believe a woman when she says she likes football anyway," he told me. And so we formed a theory. Women who like football, like women who moan and scream at the peak of sex just to get it over with, are mostly faking it.

Oh, I know I will get backlash from the "no really I love spending every Sunday wearing a football jersey and cheering with my husband" women, but seriously, come on.

Football is boring. And though I've always heard from men that they call bull#$@( when a woman professes her love for football, a (very) informal poll I conducted recently among men I know revealed that men actually do find it hot when a woman is "into" football.

Even more reason to lie!

I know it goes against all feminist theories on equality, but come on ladies. Tell me the truth. You don't really love football, do you? It's all a ruse to get men to think you're oh-so-cute one of the guys.

My female friends who say they love football tell me I'm wrong, but this is one generalization I must make (loudly). You are not really that into football.

So sure am I of this theory that I want to host a football trivia contest. I would love to get five women who say they are huge fans to go up against five men who also are. If the women can beat the men, then I will stand corrected.

Wear your jerseys, sit in the stands on snowy days in November, pretend like you actually know the score (sure, sure).

But if you lose, then I'll know I'm right.

OK, so I'm kidding. Kind of. OK, not really. I don't get it all.

Are you a football fan? What am I missing?


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poshkat poshkat

i am what yoy would call a football widow during the fall and winter months. its not that i dont like it, i dont understand it and couldnt care less about understanding it.

cafemama cafemama

There are women who truly love football, myself included. And it's not because of the tight pants or trying to attact men. Maybe we're a minority, but we do exist!


I agree there are those women that Fake It, in fact those woman may be in the higher percentile..

I'm not one of them..  I happen to love it... Now my husband on the other hand does not.. He's into Basketball which I hate and have never pretended to like... So we may be a rare breed but we do exist..



nonmember avatar SKL

I love football. I too found it hard to understand at first, but then when I was in 9th grade, I had to write a research paper on it (to get out of gym class, which I hated). I read the explanation of the game in our encyclopedia, and then it all made sense, and I've been a die-hard fan ever since. I don't have to watch every game (like my sister does), but I do enjoy it when I get a chance to watch it. It is my favorite pro sport by far.

babym... babymama322

I Love football.  I love watching it and when I was younger I loved playing it.  I was not a tomboy, but football made me many a male friend.  these days i seem to keep up with the pro teams better than my husband!american football

Addys... Addys_Mom

i dont love football in general. I am just a die hard fan for one team in particular and I schedule my time around those weekly game days as much as possible. I am a much bigger fan than my hubby. My dad and I watch every game together. I admit i dont understand all the rules but most of them. and i am always excited. the drama of football is anything but boring. So i dont necessarily love football, I love my team.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Not a football fan at all, but I'm married to a Texan, so you can imagine how many a Sunday afternoon goes during High Holy Season.  And OMG, the Super Bowl Party we throw gets bigger and bigger every year.  If I didn't love to entertain, we'd have logged some serious battles over it.

nonmember avatar Kristin

Sahsa, you've clearly never been to Wisconsin.


I am a huge football fan -- was liking football before I was even old enough to like boys. I do the Fantasy Football, and really know what I'm doing (even my guy friends ask me for advice), I avidly watch both college and professional ball. And it has nothing to do with trying to attract men. More often than not, I know more about the sport than the guy that I'm dating.

allbrite allbrite

I love football...GO BROWNS!!!

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