Not in the Mood? 4 Toys He Can Play With ALONE


two lions at the zooHave you ever heard of a penis sleeve? How about a pocket pussy?

Welcome to a world of equality: sex toys for men.

I had never really thought about buying sex toys designed for my husband. The toys that we have are really just for me and his enjoyment is an added benefit. But maybe that's a little bit selfish.

So I went looking for a few items that are specifically made for enhancing a man's pleasure. And even found some that will also enhance a woman's. I won't complain.

Check out these four toys. There's something for everybody.

Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator ($43)

No, it's not an erotic flashlight. It's a pocket pussy. Perfect for your man to use when you've left him alone for a few days and his hand just isn't enough. Or if you just need a night off because you have a headache.




Oral Simulator Sex Toy ($53)

A three-speed blow job imitator that's also touted as being a stamina-training unit (STU). I didn't realize that STU was a widely used acronym and that men actually did train to increase their stamina. Either way, I wonder if this toy has an option to either spit or swallow. I know I don't.Blow Job Simulator

California Exotics Senso-Sleeves ($9)

Okay, now we're talking. A nubby and ribbed sleeve that stretches over your man's penis that benefits you. But it can also be turned inside out to increase his pleasure. This set comes with two sleeves with nubs of different lengths to suit your, I mean his, different moods.Senso-sleeves

California Exotics Ring ($9)

There are many types of cock rings on the market, but I think the simpler, the better. This ring fits over your man's penis with the rubber tongue facing you. Turn on the magic bullet and the whole thing vibrates. Simultaneous fun for two.Cock Ring


Male sex toys are a whole new world for me and for my husband. He just doesn't know it yet. But the timing couldn't be better. His birthday is in a few weeks and I know what I'm going to get him. Lucky man.

Would your man use one of these sex toys? Which one?


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IQuit... IQuitCounting

My SO has a Fleshlight and I love it, well, he does too.  I don't feel guilty when I'm not in the mood, especially those times where that lack of mood lasts a bit longer than normal.  Also works well if you want to get involved (but not have sex) but don't want the mess!

knfisch knfisch

I like the idea of the cock ring. I've kinda wanted one for a while *giggles* But I still think any guy toy that doesn't have an 'output' is kinda gross. I wouldn't want to have to clean it and I know I would end up being the one to clean it, because my husband, like a lot of me, is a slob. 

Lokis... LokisMama

I've tried a vibrating cockring and honestly, it was kinda disappointing.  Sure, the cockring function worked just fine, but the actuall vibration is kinda lacking, plus, unless your sex involves no movement what so ever, the amount of time you're actually in contact with the vibration is low.

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