10 Sexy Foods to Play With in Bed (Besides Whipped Cream)


Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and ice cream toppings can be poured on and licked off, but sexy foods are not all about what's the easiest to ingest off one another's bodies.

Food can also be about setting a mood, about letting down your guard and getting silly. Because sex is more fun when you let loose and food can help us get there.

We all know that oysters and asparagus are aphrodisiacs, but just being randy isn't necessarily sexy in itself. Sexy foods are evocative and stimulate more than just the libido, they involve smell and taste and sensuality. Food can make us silly or base. For many, it's a crucial part of foreplay.

After asking around, I compiled a list of 10 foods people find sexy for various reasons. Here they are:

Ten Little Known Sexy Foods:

  1. Mangoes: Mango is a very sensual, juicy fruit. Open one up and let the juices run on your fingers. It also tastes good and makes you smell sweet. Since smell is such a major component of what turns me on, anything with garlic or onions is automatically not sexy.
  2. Strawberries: This has all the sensuality of a mango without the messier qualities. It's very easy to feed to one another and to share and also smells divine.
  3. Almonds: Almonds are a traditional symbol of fertility and the smell is intoxicating. They're also easy to feed to one another.
  4. Sweet Tarts/Sprees/Pop Rocks: This one may seem silly, but hear me out. When I eat these candies, I'm automatically transported back in time to the age of about 12 when something as simple as candy could make me giggle and laugh. Carefree sex is hot. Also: They make kisses taste really good.
  5. Chocolate pudding: Soft, sensual, delicious, and simple. Chocolate pudding evokes carefree childhood desires and can also be used on each other's bodies. I dare you to lick chocolate pudding off your man's fingers and not get a twinge of desire.
  6. Avocado: The avocado is just a sexy-looking fruit (yes, it's fruit, not a vegetable). It evokes a feminine voluptuousness and is creamy and soft.
  7. Basil: A very aromatic food that cleanses the palate and awakens the senses.
  8. Figs: This has the same appeal as the avocado, with the added appeal of being highly shareable and delicious.
  9. Brie/crackers: This is an easy finger food that can be shared and licked off each other's fingers.
  10. Cherries/Olives/Watermelon: I dare you to eat a cherry, a slice of seed-filled watermelon, or a bunch of pitted olives without laughing. Spitting pits brings us down a notch and reminds us of other base activities.

What foods do you find sexy?


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Fista... Fistandantalus

"For many, it's a crucial part of foreplay."

Who ARE these people?  Where are they?  I have never, ever met or spoken to ANYONE for whom food was a "crucial" part of foreplay.  In my opinion, this kind of thing is completely made up crap and it's always been completely made up crap, made up for the specific purpose of having something to write about.  Prove me wrong. world.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Well, if Fistandantalus has never been privy to someone's edible foreplay agenda, I guess it never happens, right?

Isn't there a fetish that's based on getting messy with food - splooshing or something like that.  Not my thing, but it's out there.

Indig... IndigoRose

Any kind of mixed nuts-----

YEAH... NUTS...rolling on floor

Fista... Fistandantalus

Hoticedcoffee, do you realize how much space on CM is devoted to people yammering on about foreplay?  It's a whole heck of a lot, I assure you.  And not once, not once in the five years I've been on here, has anyone ever stated that this is their thing.  I've read about the most amazingly detailed foreplay shenanigans imaginable, from dressing up like a nun to pretending to perform surgery.   Therefore, it can't be THAT many for whom this is a "cruicial part of foreplay".

Why do I even care?  Because it's lazy journalism, that's why.  There are no credible sources cited here as evidence of the claim that's it's crucial.  No CM members are quoted but for the writer herself.  No experts were consulted.  If you're going to make a claim such as that, you have to back it up.  Also, people come here for useful sex advice, and this crap ain't it.  So I conscientiously object, which is both my right and my responsibility as a member of this community of writers and readers. 

jeann... jeannesager

Fistandantalus, I don't think she meant FOOD was a crucial part of foreplay -- she meant being silly and base was. And I'd tend to agree with her -- you have to let go and have FUN to enjoy foreplay . . . and in turn to enjoy sex.

CafeS... CafeSasha

I did mean being silly and base was crucial to foreplay. Thanks, Jeanne.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Fistandantalus - CM is not the be-all-end-all place for people to spill their intimate details in the name of journalism - so again, just because nobody is on here yelling about how sucking pudding off her man's hand gets her hot, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  This is not the center of the universe for information, particularly information that's not really any of your business. 

If all the yammering about foreplay is offensive or bothersom to *you*, there's a simple solution.

mommypip mommypip

Food + sex = EWWWWW!!!! 

nonmember avatar eMale

FYI - Food is glorious in the bedroom. We've played with bananas & strawberries before and it's wonderful. It's easy if you try. When you both head to bed, bring a plate of cut up fruit to eat and leave it on the nightstand. "I was hungry & didn't feel like eating it in the kitchen." & feed him or her.

tbh, I can't wait to try mangoes. the very fact that they're juicy is stimulating only because I can barely imagine what it's going to cause in the bedroom.

Hell, you could just as easily get the plate of fruit half way through your romcom, and feed each other during the last scene.

Imagination. Use it!!!

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