The Man Cold

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The Man ColdSome time during the last week of July, my oldest daughter came down with a cold. It didn't seem like a particularly bad one, though she generally kicks viruses in the butt within a few days.

But then I returned from the BlogHer 2010 conference in New York to find her still coughing. And sneezing. She even had a low grade fever.

Lo and behold, she's still got it a month later. (Don't worry. It's definitely just a virus.) And we've all since come down with it, which wouldn't be such a big deal. Except my husband also has it. And that can only mean one thing.

The man cold

If there's anything that most moms can agree about, it has to be that men are complete wimps when it comes to illness. Granted, I'm all for getting rest and relaxation, particularly when it's a flu or some sort of severe illness. I'm even happy to afford my spouse that luxury for a simple cold.

But we've got three kids. And another due in five weeks. And he's gone half the time. I should be the one laid up on the couch!

Alas, he spent the first three days sleeping late and just roaming around the house like a blob, which, fine, he's got to go back to work so it's important for him to be the first to recover -- though one (say me) would argue that I've got to run things around here and chase after three kids and keep the baby inside me healthy.

Either way, he was a blob. And a still sneezing blob when he went back on call and decided to go on an international trip to Paris for four days, which turned his cold into a pretty bad ear infection, which has remained oddly untouched by antibiotics for the last week.

And I get it. He can't hear.

But I'm still hacking and schnuffling and wiping everyone's nose, along with running kids to their activities, going through three boxes of tissues in five days, and doing everything else I usually do. Heck, on our recent impromptu "cleanse our body" beach trip this past week, he even got a half day of golf. A birthday gift, nonetheless, but dude, if you can play golf and carry around your own clubs, it's not that bad.

Of course, there is one fantastic benefit to all this, so much so that I'm mostly keeping my mouth shut about all of this.

He's stuck at home until his ear can clear, which means I've got a warm body to be with the kids while I hit the moms' night out dinner and a bunch of other activities I was hoping to attend but wouldn't have been able to since he would otherwise be gone.

Talk about the sunny side of the street. Or maybe it's the "snotty" side.


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Megara Megara

You're lucky - in my house the man cold prevents any form of child-watching whatsoever.

TruthfulMommy Beck

OH dear, I feel your pain, I try at all costs to avoid my hubs getting any sickness that goes around or house. there is something about a 6'5" baby around the house that makes my blood boil.A day to rest, I get but if I have to power do you! Who's going to do EVERYTHING if I decide to take care of myself and lay around like a slug til I feel better?Hell, the house would be in shambles and the world may actually stop turning...I'm pretty sure hell would freeze over! He and I have had this battle several times. The bottom line is this; I feel no pity for him when he is sick past 1 day because that is more than I get from him.Oh How I hate a sick Man!!!BOOHISS!

AMom29 AMom29

LOL.  My DH gets all whiny and his world just STOPS 'cause he's sick.  Drives me batty.

He had a cold once at the same time I was having a m/c, bronchitis, and an eye infection all at once.  Guess who went out into the snow to get HIS cold medicine?

Men are such wimps sometimes.

yogap... yogapantz

I think the healthcare bill should have contained something about women who have to deal with their sick men automatically get a spa day.

William Hensley

Oooh, how I hate to get sick. Mainly because I know I am going to hear it from my wife. The level of contempt that she is going to throw my way is amazing. This is based upon a couple of factors. One is her sexism. Men are never to show weakness under any circumstances. Two, suffering is her territory and she jealously guards it and punishes any trespasses. Normally, in the dueling martyrdom contests of who suffers the most, I gladly concede defeat. I will still in vain, attempt to adhere to the golden rule and care and protect her when she get sick, knowing that she will not reciprocate when I commit the sin of weakness. Trust me, I would gladly suffer in silence, if I could just get the silence.
-From the ravings of the Psycomancer

MJHaw... MJHawkins78

I don't see what the reason for all the husband/man bashing is.  I mean, this is exactly the kind of stuff that drives men away.  We tend to write articles like this (and there's an increasing trend of them) and wonder why our men withdraw.  Give the guy some respect, the reason he's gone half the time is because he's working....for you and the kids and the roof over your heads.

I know motherhood is no picnic, I've got 3 too and yes I wish I could be laid up on the couch too, but if your guy is sick let him get a sick day for the once or twice a year that he's actually sick.  Think about that while your run off to the club for your GNO.

ratba... ratbaby_17

I personally would rather deal with a dozen pukey, diareah, fevered kids, than to deal with my boyfriend with a case of the sniffles. I had that lovely 3 week cold virus this past janurary. I got it the 2nd week of jan (like the 10th). My man got a regular cold the 3rd week (the 22nd). Oh yeah, I had our daughter via c-section on the 17th. Guess who got to stay in bed for a week, and who had to take care of a 3 year old, a newborn, AND recover herself!! His was not the same virus as mine because his only lasted a week. The only reason I know the dates is because he got sick the day I came home. Nice huh? Haha!

cecil... cecilmansmom

My hub can get the sniffles and he's dying. My 5 yr old boy however don't know how be sick when he has the flu. And of course "mommy" even with this nasty cold I have now is not allowed to be sick. THE WHOLE PLACE WOULD COME TO A SCREACHING HALT IF I DID.

holls85 holls85

This actually caused a huge argument in our marriage. I gave my husband shit about being a panzy when he is sick and he got very angry with me. He is still angry to this day. The reason why it bothers me is men boast about how tough they are and they can handle anything (including child birth ha ha) but yet when they get sick they act like they are dying. Same thing with when they physically get hurt.

Drago... DragonMom25

Good Grief!  If men did anything while they were sick us women might have a moment off.  My husband wants me to "shoot me now" whenever he gets the sniffles.  yet here I was with the flu that had back pain so bad that I could not do my job, or even sit up (it was worse than labor pains) I still had to make all the food, ferry the kids to activities, and at least attempt to sit at the computer to do some of my work to bring in the money while he sat around and relaxed!  His excuse:  "well I am looking for a job, you have one so do it"  Yet being the only money bringer and the house cleaner, cook, maid, bottle washer and being sick is just not fair!

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