Child Catches Parents Having Sex: 'Daddy, You Screamed Like a Girl!'


Ah, sex used to be so easy: whenever, whatever, however.

Once the kids come along, though, it's a whole other ball game. I can remember quite a few traumatic incidents with my parents, walking in on them in some slightly (and some very) compromising positions.

But none (none!) were as bad as this YouTube video.

This little girl is maybe 5 or 6 and describes the sounds she heard from mommy and daddy's bedroom: "Like ah, ah, ah," she tells her father. "And you were naked!"

Can anyone say oops?

Please, please invest in locks for the doors and make sure the kids are fast asleep before you strip down.



Image via ThenAndAgain/Flickr



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ivy801 ivy801

Embarrassing, we found out the hard way that our daughter can turn knobs now.Thank goodness for locks.

cocoa... cocoadoll63

Ah yes.  Been there  done that.  Totally embarrasing!  Since our kids are slightly older, (the one who busted us is 8), we've explained that Mommy's and Daddy's need private time to share their love in a way that only Mommy's and Daddy's do.  It was a little deeper because he saw a lot, but we have worked really hard on boundries.  And we use the locks too!

Gadge... GadgetGirl90

I can't believe they recorded this! It was better to let her forget it. We have 4 kids and I understand that they will, at some point, walk in. (one already has) But, don't make them talk about it! My goodness! Come on!

xavie... xavierlogan09

i was going to say the same thing. why record your young daughter talking about you having sex? it's horrible enough to hear but now she will be able to look on youtube and see herself talking about it when she's older. she's young so she might have forgotten but not now. people will put anything on youtube.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm with them.  I thought this was handled in poor taste.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Totally poor judgement by these parents - one to record it, two to put in on YouTube so it will live forever.  You know pedophiles will be all over it, listening to her.  And when she gets older - like high school - and boys start asking her to do an encore performance?  Brilliant parenting, right there.

Sara Negrete

Uh, Wow! Yes, as a parent I've had some close calls when trying to have "alone time" with my hubby, but seriously?! That video is a shame and I hope it disappears before she is older, or before someone from school or family recognizes her. I'm sure her parents meant well, but you don't plaster your 4 yr olds face all over youtube sharing something inappropriate. She is a doll though!

PoeDu... PoeDunkMae

I didn't watch the video.  I can't believe the parents recorded her talking about, that whole situation was handled poorly.  Things like that, aren't funny.  That poor girl will never be able to live it down now.

Donna Smith Walker

Bad enough she walked. It does happen. But to video her talking about and asking her over and over was wrong.

campa... campamomof3

Seems to me that the parents enjoyed the fact that their little girl caught them.  The dad sounds proud as he repeatedly asks the little gilr to repeat what she heard. 

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