4 Things I Pack for Better Vacation Sex


Oceanus Naturals Sensual MassageMy no-kids vacation with my husband is rapidly approaching so I have sex and romance on the brain. It's our once a year (twice if we're lucky) chance to escape the everyday madness that comprises our lives.

I recently wrote about what discreet sex toys would be good to take on a vacation, but a romantic vacation is not comprised solely of small sex toys.

So here are a few other items that I'm taking with me to enhance the romance:

Lubricant: Everyone needs a little extra from time to time. And you don't want to be stuck without it. I like to pack Oceanus Naturals' Sensual Massage ($17.99) because it can be used both as lube and for massage. Multi-use means I have more room in my bag!

Sexy lingerie: I rarely wear lingerie at home. My loungewear is usually a t-shirt and a pair of pajama pants. But I always pack something sexy to wear on the trip, like a lacy, silky teddy. Even if it's just going to be taken off, the initial effect is worth it! For both of us.

Erotica: I enjoy reading erotica. A good erotic novel or short story can get my heart rate going. Sexy and risqué. I've never read it with my husband but we're going to try it this trip while sitting by the pool or lying on our hotel bed. And see what happens! I'm bringing along an anthology titled Best Women's Erotica 2010 ($10.85). I'm sure we'll get some inspiration from it.

Music: The right music can do so much to set the mood. Certain songs take me back to when my husband and I were just starting to date. Others remind me of our wedding. I have Etta James' Love Songs ($8.47) on my iPod. Her music makes me want to slow dance. Make up your own playlist of sexy songs and download them before you leave.

I think I've packed up everything I need for my romantic and intimate getaway with my husband. And as soon as I finish cleaning the kitchen, I'll be ready to go to the airport. Because truthfully, nothing is more of a turn-off to me than walking into a dirty house after I've been on an amazing trip.

What goes in your suitcase to enhance the romance?


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nonmember avatar student2010

The Erotica is a great idea and one my husband and I use,as often as, one of us feels like reading in bed! A tip you and your spouse may find even sexier is to take turns reading to each other. We usually grab a new erotic magazine and flip through all the articles and take turns deciding which article we would like the other to read- yes... aloud to the other! It is just as much of a turn on to hear my husband read smut to me as it is for I to him! We have a few giggles mixed in with our more serious passion! I hope you and your husband have a Great Get-away from the kids kind of time!

nonmember avatar AmyS

Small sex toys are a great idea. I didn't think about packing sexy lingerie but its such an obvious thing. I'm not sure my boyfriend and I could agree on any of the same songs for the compilation though!

Carlos A. Rivera-Jones

This is hetereonormative traditional gender-role bullcrap. Where are we, the 1950s?

I mean, having to specify "husband" a billion times? And the cherry on top about clean kitchen? WTF?

nonmember avatar student2010

Evidentally Carlos A. Rivera-Jones doesn't have a husband/wife or else he would'nt be so offended at the over use of the word, as he puts it. As far as having a clean kitchen or house to come home to after a nice trip is....iceing on the cake and lets not forget the cherry!

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