Sandra Bullock Might Be Reconciling With Jesse James -- What Would You Do?


Sandra Bullock, Jesse JamesWe all watched in disbelief as Jesse James broke Sandra Bullock's heart again and again as numerous affairs surfaced.

And we all hated him.

But, now that the flood waters have receded, it appears that the damage may not be quite beyond repair, and a friend of Sandra's is saying that the two have moved beyond talking strictly about the kids, and more about their daily lives.

A source tells PopEater:

"Sandra has made it clear that Jesse is the love of her life," a friend of the actress [says]. "She's not the sort of lady that just stops loving someone, no matter what he did behind her back. Sandra misses him and their life together every single day.

"Jesse has made her smile again. She can finally have a normal conversation with him again without focusing on the pain and anger."

Most immediate reactions would be: "No! Are you crazy to get back together with him?!" and that's normal for an outsider. But what if that was you, your children (biological or not), and the love of your life? Not so simple now, eh?

I think we can all agree that Jesse is a disgusting pig and that Sandra deserves better, but have you ever had a girlfriend who was dating a guy that you thought she was too good for and tried to tell her that? I am willing to bet that she didn't listen, heck, I've been her and I know I never listened. The bottom line is, the only people that really know what's going on in a relationship are the two people that are involved. I am sure there are things that have happened between these two that didn't make the cover of Us Weekly.

After my automatic "No, Sandra, say it ain't so!" I thought about it and put myself in her shoes. If it was my love, and my children, and he's gone through the steps (rehab, therapy, etc.) to try and fix the issues that resulted in the separation, then yes ... I think I would try to work things out. And I'm sure it would be to the utter dismay of all of my friends and family.

That's just me though, and every relationship and every situation is different.

Put yourself in their shoes and tell me, what would you do? Stay divorced or get back together?


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nonmember avatar patricia

please sandy,gif jessy a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love for jou and jesse



nonmember avatar Melissa

Give him another chance.....Everyone makes ones perfect...and you only find the love your life once....some people don't ever find the one...I say take him back...If it was me I would take him back...

Much love to Sandra and Jesse...I hope you guys work it out!!!

JGM199 JGM199

GET BACK!!!!!!!!     Here's the reason why. We are very emotional human being, we are caretaker by nature.  There is nothing wrong with forgivness. I wish thier was more of it these days.  We love, we hate, we cry and we should forgive always. It does not do the soul any good to carry hate. Sandra loves Jesses. I wouldn't recommend she remarry him any time soon.  Let him continue to get treatment and see what happen.  Thier is no need to be angry and upset, she done that. It's time for healing. Let the new chapter being. "Let's walk in our own shoes."   Joyce

nonmember avatar Laura Peterson

 Everyone has their own opinion about what someone else is or isn't doing.  At the end of they day the only people who can decide what the right decision is are the people who look in the mirror and have to live with that decision.  None of us know Sandra or Jesse personally, and of course because Sandra is a very likeable and respected lady, we were shocked and outraged that Jesse could be so horrible to her.  If she decides to give him another chance, who are we to say it is right or wrong.  We don't know them outside of the press and movies.  I think we should all respect whatever happens.


shell... shellnpat

well i am a huge fan of sandra bullocks as we most are. What is not to love about her, she seems down to earth not at all high society sort of girl. she is the girl next door that we all love. I am sure she knows what is right for her. I think that is the problem with media, we can't leave people alone when they need privacy, i think it would be great if they worked it out. i know that people make mistakes and although jesse has been known to cheat more than once, we all must believe that true love and true forgiveness still exists.

nonmember avatar RuthHouston

The article below gives some very valid reasons why Sandra should take Jesse  back and give him a second chance.

Sandra Bullock Should Take Jesse James Back -  11 Reasons Why   at

nonmember avatar nea

I'm wondering how people would react if it was Sandra who cheated on James? would you still want him to take her back? I think our society is more forgiving of men who cheat on their wives than vice-versa.

nonmember avatar Bev Kish

I think it's great and only by God alone! I totally believe in marriage restoration and have been praying for them ever since the story came out. I think what really helped is both of them moving to Austin,,,, away from all he was involved in. There is a great website called "Rejoice Marriage Ministries"... about a couple that got divorced because of unfaithfulness and God started showing the wife he was going to restore their marriage against all odds! She just zipped her lips, didn't listen to others that told her to "move on with her life" and just prayed and waited! It took about 2 years. Now they have this ministry to help others going thru divorce or having hard times in their marriage.

nonmember avatar LInda

I think Jesse always loved her but his problem was sex and he knew he could get it when he wanted it. The brain works very differently on a man. He doesn't have to love someone he he is looking for satisfaction..When that happens many people are bound to be hurt. Hopefully,if she loves him still and he loves her they can work it out. Who are we to set in judgement when we really don't know what went on in their home and what kind of a family it was. No matter what I hope they remain friends for the children because I do think they both love the kids and the bottom line is that is the most important thing.

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