How to Buy Sex Lube Without Being (Too) Embarrassed


K-Y Intense arousal gel
Do you ever outgrow the self-conscious feeling you get when purchasing certain items from your local drugstore? I don't think I ever will.

Whether I'm purchasing that warming lubricant that doubles as a massage gel or an economy-sized box of tampons, I feel like I'm back in high school and buying ribbed condoms or getting spermicidal jelly for my diaphragm.

Back then, the cashier and other people in line knew that I was having premarital sex. That was bad enough. Now, they're thinking I'm a sex-crazed mother and wife who hasn't gone through menopause yet.

But I've come up with a foolproof plan to overcome that feeling.

The last time I was in my local drugstore buying arousal gel, I pretended I was on the phone talking to my sister, asking her if the pink box was the one she wanted. I don't even have a sister. But she and I managed to have a conversation while I waited in line to pay and while the cashier rang up my purchase.

(I know it's rude to carry on a cell phone conversation in public and I usually don't. But I'd rather be rude than embarrassed while buying sexual health products.)

On the flip side of this, I can walk into an adult fantasy store, leaving my cell phone in the car, and not blush one bit when I buy a new vibrator. I can even look the (usually) male cashier in the eye and carry on a conversation with him about the weather or ask about the warranty on my purchase.

I leave there with my dignity intact because I know everybody is there for the same reason: To add something to their sex lives.

What makes you blush at the cash register?


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jeann... jeannesager

Oh honey, that's what they make the internet for :).

okmom... okmomof271

Who cares whos looking. Go to Walmart! You can only imagine what goes through each line there. And as someone who tried this stuff. It didn't work for me. Nothing. Not even a tingle. Sadly disappointed. The company was nice enough to give me my money back. Good Luck!

nonmember avatar Regina Deutinge

I know.  I feel bad. He's got to go buy the condoms (and the tampons!) so I get stuck buying the lube.  

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