Did 'Bachelorette' Ali Have Sex in the Fantasy Suite?


bachelorette ali with chris frank roberto
Ali went to the Fantasy Suite
with the two on the left
I know The Bachelorette is a reality show, but I can't handle the reality that Ali might have had sex with two dudes in a matter of days and it was all televised. Well, not the actual sex part, but the foreplay before the real foreplay.

Seeing the curtains drawn, the lights go out, the camera lingering on the darkness of the room, maybe a flickering of a candle, and sometimes even the sound of kissing or flirtatious giggling -- it's creepy and makes me feel weird and makes me think how gross it was for Chris who had to have Roberto's sloppy seconds. And Frank would have been the third if he didn't realize he still loved his ex!

That is, if they did have sex in the Fantasy Suite.

Most people, except for those really chaste ones, have sex before they get engaged. I don't know any of those chaste people. A lot of people even do it before they should be considered people -- if people means adult. And just like I wanted to know the sex of my twins before they were born, I wanted to have sex with my husband before he was my husband. For me, it was a selling point in order for me to know if I was able to be his wife. I got married for life so I had to make sure we were good in the bedroom.

So it would make sense that Ali and Roberto, and then Ali and Chris, had sex.

And it's fine to have sex with more than one person. I did. And did. And did. And .... It's even fine to have sex with more than one person in the same week (day, even!) if you're dating more than one guy and that's what you want to do. But the difference is that The Bachelorette is on TV for the world (and parents) to see and to me ... someone who is very free and open when it comes to sex and sexuality ... something just feels wrong.

When I watched the show last night, I thought of my own daughter, who at 7 months has a long way to go before she reaches the age of 35 -- when she's allowed to have sex. But I hope she doesn't grow up to be a contestant on The Bachelorette. I won't be able to handle seeing the key to the Fantasy Suite being dangled and then her and a few different guys (on different nights) trotting off to do the deed.

Do you think Ali had sex with Roberto and Chris in the Fantasy Suite? What are your thoughts?


Image via ABC

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Joelle99 Joelle99

I do think it's a bit insane that it's televised, but compared to other seasons (aka the last one in particular) where you saw the foreplay a bit more this was quite tame and didn't hint at too much which was nice. On another note, um loving Chris. :)

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Loving Chris, too! You're right -- this one is very tame compared to other seasons.

5forj... 5forjulie

I guess I was chaste in your version gues you don't too many people like that :) That was my choice

This is TV and whether or not she did --isn't our business and not watching the show , buts its going to happen whether or not they show all of it or not. (insert sarcasm)

Most bacholorette couples have ended up breaking up --ABC track record sucks

nonmember avatar christie

oh come on with the double standards already. if i recall correctly, didnt gay Jake from last season of "the Batchelor" do the same exact thing with his last THREE girls??

i remember thinking what a man wh*re he is, and think the same of Ali if she did the same. gender shouldnt matter, the fact that they barely know their partners outside of their fabricated TV personality is.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Christie, I didn't compare to Jake's season or any season in the Bachelor/ette franchise. I am just talking about this season. If it was last season of The Bachelor and I was writing about Jake, I would have written the same article with slightly different copy and different names.

nonmember avatar Honor Love

Pay attention people...It is all staged and if you listen to the numerous  the honest ones from past seasons.....NOTHING HAPPENS!

nonmember avatar Eleonora

Modesty has gone down a sewer. Young people prostitute to a popularity. And both genders believe this is acceptable. Crazy..

nonmember avatar eddie the geek

It's fine to have sex with more than one guy in a week, in a day...!.??! It's not fine if your goal is eternal life, cafemom! Mark 1:15 - Repent and Believe in the Gospel.

nonmember avatar Googler

Eternal life??? Why are you posting here? This is not a Christian or religious topic. You ate such a douche. Stop worrying about eternal life and get yourself a LIFE because you clearly have none.

Andrea Butson

I just want to post a thoughtful comment about the benefits of only ever having sex with one man ever. Do I ever worry about him comparing me to someone else? Never. I think we have begun to assume that somehow someone is born with the ability to have sex the "right" way. Isn't it something that is special, and shared with one other person, you learn how to make love? If you have only ever done it with that one person, there is nothing to compare it to. True intimacy means you communicate, you talk about what you like, and you live to love and please that other person. It just makes sense. I can't believe all the hurt and scarred people that are walking around because they have slept with so many people they have no idea what real intimacy really means. Sex was meant to be special between two people, and it makes sense to be this way, not because of rules, but because that is the best way to protect our fragile hearts.

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