Sandra Bullock & Jesse James: 3 Clues They Are Getting Back Together


sandra bullock jesse jamesIt's unpopular to dislike Sandra Bullock right now. But if she gets back together with Jesse James, would opinions change?

Breakups are a complicated matter. Add kids and it's even more complicated. And love isn't something you can just turn on and off. Unless you are a robot. Or Jake Pavelka.

There are some interesting developments in the Bullock and James camps that make me believe that maybe, just maybe, there is some forgiveness in her heart.

1. Jesse is moving to Austin, Texas, to be closer to Sandy and her adopted son Louis. When Sandra began the adoption process, she was happily married to Jesse -- they were going to raise Louis as a couple, and as a family. Sandra was very close with Jesse's children. With Jesse relocating, this is a huge step for them to reconcile, even if it doesn't mean they will be together again.

2. Divorce plans are on hold ... maybe. There are reports that they are still on as well. But I do think that no matter what she decides, holding off on divorce until she is absolutely sure is the right thing to do. Hasty decisions often bite people in the butt.

3. They are talking. Sure, Sandra is probably bitching him out from time to time (at least I hope so) and Jesse's probably shedding some tears like he did on Nightline (I hope so again), but they are probably enjoying just being next to each other again. Funny thing about breakups: Just when you think you are over someone because they did something horrible to you, it is then that you start to remember and miss the good things.

PopEater thinks that if Sandra takes Jesse back, no one is going to like her anymore. But I disagree. I think a lot of people can understand the power of love and forgiveness.

Do you think Sandra could forgive Jesse? Would you support a reunion?


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LoriA... LoriAnn87

I don't think she should get back together with him but if they do I still would like them either way.

cater... cateringg

If she getsback with him,I would still like her.  After all we became her fans because of her acting career.  I would, however, be concerned for her and hope the situation does not repeat itself again.

sheli... shelikespurple

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of some of those fights!


nonmember avatar herb

I beg to differ from you folks but Jesse James is, an inmature idiot who likes to wear nazi outfits (for a joke? that's a lame excuse) he is adicted to sex and will f... any woman that would give him a chance.

1.- Jesse will  let things cool off and then  he will start  his sex romps again but this time he will be extremely discreet ( no proofs or witnesses to his sexcapades)

2.- Regarding Sandra forgiving him for the children's sake that would be like sacrifycing her happiness for the children's well being (children would be OK as long  as jesse gets visitations rights).

3.- Sandra would make a fool of herself is she gets back with jesse, simply because a woman could forgive  her man for having an extramarital affair (and I am for it) but in this case it was multiple sexual adventures (the kinky way, like the swingers) with prostitutes and porn stars  I will definitely loose my respect for Sandra if she gets back with Jesse because it will prove that Sandra is missing Jesse not as her husband or person (he is an idiot) BUT exclusively for his sexual prowess .

nonmember avatar Irma

It's their business and their lives.  If she wants to forgive him. there's nothing wrong with it.  We've all done things we wish we hadn't done.  If she feels he's sincere and can be trusted, which he will have to earn, then for the sake of the children, I have no problem with a reconciliation.  After all, the children are the important ones...they need and deserve a 2-parent home.

nonmember avatar Rebecca

TRUST THIS:  sandra will never reconcile with jesse---co-parent? maybe.  she is class; he's a low life!

nonmember avatar bustanti

IF she reconciles with Jesse James then she deserves all that is coming to her.  No way is the man going to change. Sandra is no Sandra Dee, innocent and unknowing.  So girl if the guy is on your menu go for it just don't make the rest of us suffer with the never ending stories on Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.  Move on do your thing and admit you are reconciling for yourself and not your baby.  So weak when a woman said she is doing it for the child.  

nonmember avatar SJChappie

I think James is a self centered and weak undisceplined person. Sandra should cut the cord.

nonmember avatar CJ

It's their business.  If she loves him and wants to forgive him, I say go for it.  Everyone wants to throw stones but they need to mind their own business.

nonmember avatar PD Budd

Jesse James moving to Austin to "be near" Sandra is an example of desperate STALKING behavior. Happens in breakups ... happened to me.

It takes a lots of imagination (and a need for a snazzy headline) to get these two together again. I think she should wait a couple of years and see how long before his addiction kicks in before she takes him back. Like, no way!

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