When Breaking Up Is Awesome


when breaking up is awesomeDid you ever have a really amazing break-up?

I didn't think so. Most break-ups are preceded by weeks (if not months) of agony over "What's wrong with my relationship?" and second guessing yourself and your partner.

But I was inspired to stop and think if maybe there wasn't one clean, smooth move after I read The Vancouverites Change of Heart post, where she describes being newly encouraged by the dating scene in Vancouver due to a particularly pleasant break-up.

I know, weird.

Yet three great break-ups* from my past popped into my head, all for different reasons:

The Confidence Builder

After a particularly ill-suited long-term relationship went south, I was incredibly anxious about making the same major mistake again. After dating Sam for a little while it was beyond exciting to give him the boot once I realized I was repeating a bad pattern. I considered myself cured of unhealthy dating choices.

On the Same Page

Jared and I seemed perfectly matched. We were both wildly interested in music, theater, and hanging out downtown. He was a good-looking guy and I was in a particularly physically self-confident phase. But we both knew after giving it a shot that neither one of us wanted this to be for the long haul. It was almost as if we shook hands after a tie game and walked away.

The Cheater

Another rebound guy, I was in the perfect head space to fall for an attached man. Even though it came as a surprise that Tom had a girlfriend, I'm positive my "no commitment here" vibe attracted him like a bee to honey. It felt like taking a hot shower after disengaging from something that wasn't good for anyone.

Did you ever have a great break-up?

*Names have been changed to protect the dumped/dumper.


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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

For me, I didn't realize they were great until a few weeks after. Even if I was the dumper, it took me a little to feel okay about it.

kellyp34 kellyp34

Are those really great break ups or just break ups you both felt were necessary? I had dated an ex from my early 20s when I got divorced back in 2005. He was going through a divorce and I was going through a divorce and after a few months we both decided we weren't ready for relationships - it was amicable. It was a very easy break up to go through - I remember finding out that he went back to his ex-wife and I was mad, but just because I knew he was being dumb and it wasn't going to last. I had another relationship 2 summers ago with a guy I call my Sweet July & August & September. It was a great summer relationship, but he was going through a divorce and got a little weird after about a month and a half. We stopped talking for a week and then started talking again - started dating again and then the same thing happened in September. We decided he wasn't ready to date just yet and we became friends. It was an amicable break up. What I would say is a great break up is when you realize that the person you are with is a loser - you have wasted more than enough time on trying to change his loser qualities - and you say good bye forever and you never look back. That is a great break up... having the courage and strength to move forward without hesitation. 

nonmember avatar Lima

Hey there! Thanks for the shout out on my blog post!! Glad to have provided some inspiration. Just a note to clarify - it wasn't really a break up ;) We dated a little, stayed friends, and then it was too difficult for me to maintain the friendship because I had some left-over feelings so I decided to do what's best and take a break. It felt like a breakup of sorts, we were getting to be amazing friends! Unfortunately, I'm not in a place in my life where I desire yet another amazing  platonic male friend. All in all it still was an amicable "letting go" of one another and I'm glad that you found this as positive as I did. 


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