Thongs: Why Do Men Love Them So Much?


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While hanging out with some girl friends, the subject somehow turned to underwear and one of my friends said that she only wears thongs. She's a newlywed, no kids.

I was still shocked. A thong? Every day?

Even when I was at my sassiest, I didn't wear a thong every day. Sexy undies, yes, but a butt-munching strip of fabric that feels like an enterna-wedgie all the time? Um, no thanks.

I don't care how much my man found it sexy, I just wouldn't wear a thong all day. I might slip into one when I got home and wanted to have some funky good times, but that would be it.

I can't help but feel that the thong was created by a man for his viewing pleasure only. And when women tried it on, we realized that certain pants and dresses look more streamline in the back if you are wearing a thong.

We ended up just dealing with the discomfort, just like that of certain extreme push up bras with underwire, because, well, we looked soooo sexy in them. And for some, maybe something between those sweet cheeks was a turn on. Not for me -- I'm just saying.

I go the lacy boy short route when I want to wear some titillating underthings for my husband. And he seems to be turned on just fine by them ... and me in (or out) of them.

I can't help but wonder why men find thongs so hot. And why do some of us wear them when they are like a torture device?



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sahm_ sahm_

I used to wear thongs every single day. That was before kids. Now I NEVER wear them, and I really actually HATE them. Weird..

mzene... mzenemaych

Actually, thongs can be quite comfortable. It sounds like you are confusing a thong with a g-string. G-strings are on size fits most crotch covers that use a very thin string of material that cuts your butt to hold it in place. A thong has comfortable elastic around the waist, come in a variety of sizes and support just like a panty. I know because I wear them everyday with jeans and dresses.
I have also conducted "thong 101 class" for my formerly anti-thong wearing friends. They have all become thong wearers.

In response to your question, men find thongs sexy because when women wear them, they feel sexy, and when a woman feels sexy she carries herself with a confidence and sassiness that is attractive. That is sexy to a man.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I hear you mzenemaych, but I just don't feel sexy in thongs. I do get the difference between the g-string type of thongs and the thicker back thongs, but both end up between the cheeks, which is not at all comfy to me personally. Maybe it's just my butt though? Hee hee.

RanaA... RanaAurora

When I did wear them, I honest-to-god did it because I found them more comfortable.

ethan... ethans_momma06

I used to find them uncomfortable, then I found them comortable, and then I found them uncomfortable.

However I have ALWAYS been a huge huge fan of the sexy lacy boy shorts that cuts a little high across the tush, but not high enough where it's riding in the crack. I think men like them 'cause some men really really like a womans butt and a thong just completely highlights that by completely exposing it.

OoSha... OoShannonoO

I wear them almost everyday and I have kids, I find it much comfortable then any other kind

picke... picketeclipse

I wear them everyday. I have two kiddos including a two month old. I found these great ones at target that are super comfy. I always found that a bikini cut rode up worse than the thongs.

nonmember avatar Javan

Ha!  I am a man, and I love to wear thongs.  Granted, I wear Mens Thongs.  I started to wear them after my Dr. suggested it as they give better testicular support than boxers or briefs.  I know that some women complain about the wedgie feeling (my ex-wife included), but I find that I really do not notice that at all.  Plus in the hotter weather, I do not get the sweaty butt crack that I used to with boxers/briefs....

Just my $.02

nonmember avatar Brandy

I wear a thong everyday and have for over 16 years.  They took about 3 weeks to get used to when I first started wearing them daily, however, now I think they are the most comfortable and would never wear anything else.  There are a lot of different kinds, but I love the ones Gap sells.  They are thin, lightweight, and very comfortable. 

nonmember avatar Ashleigh

I love wearing thongs, they don't hurt at all if you buy them in your correct size.

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