What Is the Most Romantic Sex Position?


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Sex can be romantic. But it's not always. We have quickies. Well at least I do. It's all I seem to have time for -- when I even find the time.

A quickie isn't my idea of romantic sex. Unless you count when husband puts his hand on my knee during one of those Axe body spray commercials and winks at me. If the twins are asleep and I've actually showered that day, it's time. Sexy time. Fifteen whole minutes of it.

I'm not complaining. I love a good quickie. But when it comes time for romance, you know true love forever romantic sex, I have something else in mind.

It's slow sex. But it's also a whole lot of foreplay. And a lot of preparation before the foreplay as well. 

My husband knows what I love. He'll light some scented candles, play me some Avett Brothers, make sure the bed is free of any baby items or dirty underwear, kiss me everywhere but the mouth, and take off my clothes, slowly. Then he'll plant me a wet one on the kisser. Rub my face, touch my hair. The actual act of sex, penetration, comes after all of this. And it's s-l-o-w slow. It could get fast fast, but it always comes back to slow. The position I love the most? Man on top. 

For me, it's not about position though. It's all the other little things that makes it special.

If the album ends before we do, it could qualify as some of the most romantic sex ever.

What position do you find to be the most romantic? What makes sex romantic for you?



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cocoanny cocoanny

WELL i dont know what to say I like them all! but my very fave the doggy style, sorry my language! It hits that certain spot and I'm blown away, my husband know what he is doing and I like it especiall when it is done in a quickies, quickies are done fast and I like fast! Nice post!!

nonmember avatar Greg

Best lovemaking advice ever to men: slow down Slow way, way, way on down.After all it ain't a race! Like Michelle stated above: slow sex. And lots of foreplay. Take your time(no-we're not talking quickies here!) Touch. Explore. Find those errogenous zones she's forgotten she had. See how lightly you can kiss the back of her neck-let your warm breath slowly tickle the base of her throat. Use your eyelashes to stroke her as you whisper how beautiful she looks. Learn what she likes. But-do it ever so slowly. Tantalyzingly. Lustfully. When done correctly-and no matter where applied-you'll be more than pleasantly suprised at the response. And guys, isn't that what it's all about?  How she responds to you. Take it from a Scorpio, make the effort-you'll be glad you did!  

nonmember avatar CAM

i LOVE the avett brothers!

nonmember avatar Newbie

I recently lost my virgintiy, and it was very romantic. Even the pain. He was on top. We were kissing, saying we loved each other every five seconds, holding hands, rubbing eachothers' bodies. It was amazing. It wasn't the best physical feeling, but emotionally, with him being so caring and loving, it was perfect. :)

nonmember avatar chuck

Ladies now, before you tell your man slow down, down, down. The guy is probably circumcised, No feeling down there. Don't circumcise your children. And I bet they will be 100 times better lover than their fathers.

nonmember avatar Bob

I am circumsized and I got plenty of feeling down there... And I think that foreplay is what makes it romantic. anything face to face.

Flipy Flipy

Please help me, ever since, i dont know, i cant enjoy sex at all, not at all and its worrysome coz i have a man to satisfy. Am sexually frustrated!

nonmember avatar Fox

I love making love to my husband, it's romantic how every we go about it... though it may be the first time in weeks to make love, the first time in weeks to even see his fast.. distances makes the heart fonder and his job always takes him away, so the time we spend together is cheerished and spent to the fullest. We're a family when he's here, and our doughter loves him though she's not quiet a year old she'll still wake up from her naps calling, 'da da' and looking for him long after he's gone away again. I love him with all my heart, and either a quicky or an all nighter in bed, he's my heart's only love, and the memories of the last moments spent together will always be romantic on a mind and heart that's missing him. You see, love is more than what gose on between the sheets. It's what gose on between two heart. Its the things like seeing him in the early morning light knowing that for once he wasn't leaving in the middle of the night. It's the first snow fall in the winter and he's throwing a snow ball at you. It's the long conversations and the time spent laying in each other's arms.. and in this year i found that it's the jot of holding a new born baby in your arms that looks just like him, seeing his tired loving face after he's spent the last 37 hours by your side durring the labor and held your hand durring the c-section, telling you every step of the way that he loves you and that it's going to be alright...

nonmember avatar Fox

Ladies, you talk about sex like it's the only thing holding a relationship together, like it's got to be perfect every time.. If your heart is completely his, let it trust him, love him, surrender in his arms and loose the highest expectatins. He'll love you the same back. My husband is an exalent lover, he was the first and only man i've every made love with, and it's been a long learning and experimenting process, but we got there together, as i was also his first, and only. Take time to love him, and always talk things over. Communicatin is always key in bed, but some times the words that are unspoken are the greatess romance and loving sighs..

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