Twins Parents More Likely To Divorce


Photo by Michele Zipp
My loves!  How could I divorce this?
My husband and I were watching TV (not getting romantic) and saw a snippet for an upcoming news segment about how the divorce rate for parents of twins is higher. We glanced at each other with an uh-oh look and then I strapped into My Breast Friend to prepare for a tandem feeding. 

A couple of days later, Jeanne sent me this article with some stats on how twin parents are more likely to break up so I saw it as a sign -- MUST read ... and maybe shut off that TV and have sex with my husband.

But it wasn't lack of getting it on that lead to the big D-word -- it was the F-word. Yep. Finances.

This study, straight out of Britain, says that money (or lack of it) is to blame for twin parent breakups. Sixty-two percent of parents of twins were having financial issues compared to 40 percent of other parents.

We go through 100 diapers every three days. Plus more laundry. Plus childcare. Plus my raging appetite since I'm nursing two at a time. (Okay, scratch that last one.)

Moms of multiples were also less likely to return to work. My friend who has triplets left her job to be one of the hardest working stay-at-home moms I know.

I can't help but think that this study can be true for any parents who have more than one child, particularly two or more still in diapers. And then I read that 28 percent of parents of twins are broken up, compared to 24 percent of parents of singletons.

Four percent? Psshaw!

Divorce is not imminent! Or even probable. The odds are in my favor! And I'm sure more sweet loving will certainly help keep me and the hubs close. Money schmoney.

Jeanne did tell me her grandparents had twins and they are very much still together. That's my goal.

Do you worry about divorce? Are you a parent of multiples?

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MomIWant MomIWant

Can I just say, WHAT AN ADORABLE PIC!!!!!


Aww daddy and the twins! Such a cute photo! <3

Jesse... JessecaLynn

I am a mom of twins, and if anything it brought us much closer. Trust me there were a lot of screaming at each other that first year the twins were here just because we were exhausted, and if didn't get his butt up at 3am one more time to help me with a crying child I was going to sufficate him with the pillow he slept on. Finances are hard, I did stay home after the twins were born, but we had waited until later in life to have children so my husband had already had a few promotions and raises, so although it was tight at times, we've made it through the diaper/formula years and are sailing nicely. Now if I could only get the sex part back to normal again.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm really not surprised. ONE baby often is too much stress on a relationship and two simultaneously is just going to be that much more.
That said, I don't think you and your adorable family have anything to worry about. :)

APeve... APeveteaux

Seriously adorable picture!!!

sodapple sodapple

love the pic!!! i have to add that altough we do not have twins, I have an uncle and an aunt that are still married, my cousins twins are 19 years old and they have an older boy 25yrs and daughter 22yrs old before them. you got nothing to worry about mama!!

TwinM... TwinMomCheryl

Okay that picture is to die for, and I LOVE your positive perspective! Truly, I think in ANY marriage, if you add a significant "challenge" to an already tenuous situation, can be the last straw...or in this case, straws!

With our kids on this side of 8, let me say that more than the nookie, simply TALKING when you feel some (if any) strain works connective wonders.

Great piece!

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