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    Relationships are better off when the man is older. With a certain few exceptions -- notably, every Real Housewives star ever -- he is usually the less intelligent and mature one at the same age. He is probably better able to provide at an older age, too, if that's important to her. (Luckily for me, it's not very important to my wife!)

    The reason it happens anyway is because we will always find our biggest dating successes with younger women. In our early 30s, they're like mail-order brides just grateful to have escaped Eastern Europe. There's no talk about children or how we intend to provide. All we need to do to impress them is not live with our parents.

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    You've been dating someone special for a while now, and it's definitely going somewhere. In fact, it's going so well you've lost interest in the other guys you were maybe dating. You're telling your girlfriends about him and you stop just short of calling him your boyfriend because ... is he your boyfriend yet? And if you've stopped dating other guys, has he stopped dating other women, too? Lady, it's time to Define The Relationship -- also known as the "what are we" talk. And it's not as hard as it seems.

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    We joke sometimes about the excuses women use to get out of sex with their husbands. But after the laughter dies down there's always that uncomfortable truth that goes unsaid: It's probably better for your relationship if you just tell the truth. But how? The reason most women avoid saying NO to sex is because we're afraid of hurting the the men we love.

    We talked with three relationship experts for their advice on dancing the dance of not-in-the-mood. How can you turn it into a positive -- or can you?

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    Planning a bridal shower is very rewarding. But it can also be a lot of work. What food to serve? What drinks to buy? What decorations and colors to work in? Will there be a theme? Who to invite? What should the favors be? There are so many things to sort out. Not the least of which are the games that will be played.

    We might chuckle at the idea, but folks come to a shower expecting to play games! It's a tradition! But that doesn't mean they should blow up your budget or be terribly complicated. In fact, with shower games, the simpler, the better. The main reason they still exist (other than the aforementioned tradition) is to act as an icebreaker. We've rounded up a few of our favorite free shower games.

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    When it comes to sex, a lot of us keep what gets us hot and bothered under the sheets on the down-low. This is especially true if the stuff that gets our proverbial motors running is, well, specific -- or at least, not on the cover of this month's Cosmo. I'm talking about sexual fetishes, and they are way more common than you think.

    With the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the relatively 'secret' world of the fetishist is becoming more and more socially acceptable. But don't feel bad if you're still in the dark when it comes to dishing about the kinkier stuff out there. That's what I'm here for!

    A sexual fetish can be described as an object or situation that gives one a sexual thrill. It's a broad definition, and kind of a great one since it is expansive enough to cover the vast gamut of our weird, wonderful, human natures.

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    Weddings are an incredibly exciting time. But, as some former brides-to-be can tell you, they can also make for a pretty stressful time too. There's so much to do in order to get ready for the big day! How anyone manages to keep their cool is beyond me. Even the most well-mannered bride can bend under the pressure. While she might be masterful enough when it comes to her emotions not to outright scream, she isn't above a little bit of passive aggression.

    You kind of can't blame her! With so many people coming to her with so many different questions, problems, and concerns, it's only naturally that all her grinning-and-bearing-it will eventually start to show. Sadly for her, most stressed out brides aren't exactly great actresses. 

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    Finally picked a date for your wedding? You could send out a save-the-date email to all your friends and family ... if you're a boring, normal person, that is. Or, you could create the most epic wedding save-the-date video ever known to Bridekind. Witness Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz's "Boss Wedding" save-the-date video. Basically they produced the trailer to their own wedding. And yes, those are their real names. Bambo and Janice are lawyers, which in no way explains the mad artistry you're about to watch.

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    I haven't always been a huge fan of long road trips. To be honest, it was just an incredibly intimidating thought. I couldn't imagine spending endless hours in a car with anyone as an adult. Perhaps it was all those family car trips in the '70s that left me a bit traumatized. My mother had this insane fear of rest stops so we traveled with a bucket. Yes, a bucket.

    So when my boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip to Miami, Florida (from Washington, DC), there was a mix of excitement and panic. I LOVED the idea of going on vacation with him. I loathed the thought of getting there. This would really be a test of our relationship. If all didn't go well, I might come back a single, albeit sun-kissed, woman.

    Despite those fears, we planned our 20-hour trek. I didn't know it at the time, but that trip essentially sealed the deal on our romance. Here's how.

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    Want to know how you can have mind-blowing sex? Well, for a lot of us the key is to shut off the monkey chatter in our heads. We're so critical of ourselves, our bodies especially. And it doesn't always stop when we're in the middle of doing the do. But while the wheels of worry are spinning around in our heads, guess what's going on in men's heads during sex? Kind of nothing -- and kind of everything.

    When you get naked with a guy they're not thinking anything except how glad they are to be invited to the party. The rest is all ... well, let me just show you in pictures.

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    Your wedding day. It's supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. You've met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Most likely, you've been planning for a year or more. You have a perfect vision of how the whole thing will go down. But there's one problem, one hitch in the grand affair that could ruin everything: You have to fire one of your bridesmaids.

    Yeah. It's awkward. And you can't exactly hand her a pink slip and go about your business. I mean, you could. If you were a monster. But we're going to assume that you aren't. So how did this even happen, where did it all go so wrong?

    When you started planning your wedding, you couldn't imagine doing it without her. She's that friend you've known forever, and while you haven't always seen eye to eye and have gone stretches of time without speaking to each other, you're blissed out on love and you want her to be part of that. Until the actual planning gets under way, that is.

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