I Have a Porn Complex

sexOkay, I get it. Men watch porn. It's practically built into their genes. But, I don't like the idea that my man watches porn.


Is it a self confidence thing? Probably. But, why watch porn when we can actually do the fun stuff? What can those women possibly do for him that I can't?

I can role play the student/professor scenario. I know I've gotta have a Britney Spears's Baby...One More Time outfit somewhere in my closet.

Want me to pretend to be a cop? I heard that you have been a bad boy.

See, I can be just as good as those women you fantasize about from your pornographic movies...only better because it's real. What do you need porn for? Oh wait, you want me to put what where? Nevermind.

Sigh. He's not an addict by any means...I'm assuming he watches it just as much as the average guy, but I feel degraded knowing that he watches any at all. Even though I know it's nothing personal against our sex life, I have found myself trying to compete with the perfect bodies on the screen. I've even tried watching it with him, attempting to spice up our sex life, but it just makes me squirm...and not in a good way.

Silly, right? It's like getting upset for having my man gush over Angelina Jolie, of which whom I'm usually gushing over right along with him. I take full responsibility in knowing how prudish this sounds. The funny thing is, I'm not a prude in the least bit. Some would even say I'm the complete opposite. It's just the friggin porn!

Have you ever felt this way? What did you do to get over the porn complex?

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