Would You Stay in a Sexless Marriage?

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It begins with the cliche excuses for your lack of sex: kids, stress at work, etc. And then BAM, 6 months later, the most action your vagina's had was when your vibrating cell phone slipped between your legs while driving.


FrogSalad asked the moms in the Toddlers & Preschoolers group if they'd stay in a sexless partnership, "If your SO didn't want sex...ever...and there's wasn't a physical reason for his lack of desire, would you stay with him? Seek counseling? Divorce? Jump up and down for joy?"

Here's how some of the moms answered:

Amy614: Tough question... I hope we would be able to do counseling and try to figure out what was going on.  And I guess as long as it wasn't just me that he didn't want to be intimate with (not cheating on me), I would probably stay.  I believe that children deserve 2 parents who are committed to them, so as long as DH was still being a good father to them, I would deal and try to improve the situation as much as possible, to give them parents who are committed to them and each other!

babyanna: I would definitely stay as long as there is no threat of cheating and we communicate about it and work on it ,all is good. Open and honest communication can overcome any sex issues along with a very strong loving relationship. IMO!

adalinema: Hell no, I would be gone! Sex plays a huge role in a relationship, marriage. You have to make time with your partner.

For me, marriage means "for better or for worse," even if that "worse" is...gulp...no sex. However, if it's just a relationship...that's when the lines get blurry.

What about you? Would you stay in a sexless partnership?

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