Blame Parents for Loneliness and End of the World, Too

singleThis post from LemonDrop has forever changed my view of my single friends. It reports on two studies showing a link between our relationships status and...wait for it...our genes. In other words, single people should blame their parents—specifically their mother—for not being able to find true love.

All this time, I've had it all wrong!


See, I thought the single people in my life were actually choosing to be single because it made them happier than being in a relationship with someone who wasn't right for them.

Like my friend, Lori, for example. She's beautiful inside and out, is really successful at a job she loves, and spends her free time traveling around the world. She dates a lot, but many of the guys she goes out with turn out to be sweet but useless couch potatoes who can't keep up with her.

I always thought that Lori was choosing to be single, at least until she finds someone right for her. But apparently, at least according to these studies, she might just have really crappy genes! How sad for her to be genetically destined to be "unlucky in love." I'm surprised she even gets out of bed in the morning.

Yeah, right. I can hear her laughing now.

(If you're interested in the science behind the study, here it is: The more varied a woman's genes, which obviously come from our mother and our father, the more likely she is to be in a long-term relationship. Genes too similar? You're out of luck. Start giving your parents the silent treatment. They're obviously responsible for all the unhappiness in the world.)

I'm absolutely not interested in the science, because I think a person's relationships status is dependent on many factors—and genes are the least of it.

And who's to say being single is that bad for all people anyway? I call BS on these studies!

What do you think of this research? Should single people blame their loneliness on their parents?

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