Would You Choose Your Pet Over Your Partner on Valentine's Day?

Here's some bad news for love and romance: One-fifth of adults would prefer to be with their pet—rather than their partner—on Valentine's Day, according to a new survey.


This is a joke, right? People would rather spend Feb. 14 with their dog, cat, hamster, or iguana then with their partner? I find this ridiculous. And yet there's official data to back it up! The survey of 24,000 people in 23 countries found 21 percent of adults would rather spend V-Day with their pet than with their partner.

Furthermore, a person's age and income are determining factors in whether they choose their furry friend over their honey: Specifically, people under 35 and with lower incomes were more likely to choose their pet.

Which would you prefer to spend Valentine's Day: your partner or your pet?

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