Keeping the Romance Alive After Having Kids

rose pillowJust in time for Valentine's Day, new mom Cafe MicheleZ shares her top five tips for keeping the romance alive after having kids...

  1. Set aside a date night. Get a sitter, and sneak out! Make date night a priority right away so that it becomes part of all your new routines.
  2. Make yourself feel sexy. How? Wear something sexy to bed. It doesn't have to be lingerie—anything that makes you feel sexy. And shave your legs. New moms are especially guilty of not shaving (I am!), but it's because we have no time! But if you take the time to shave, put on some scented lotion, it goes a long way in the romance department. And snuggle-time is softer.
  3. Dance. If you have kids in the house, you can even get them to join in. Plus newborns love music. Put on some music you love and dance together. It will instantly raise your endorphins and no matter if the music is fast or slow, be sure to be in constant touch with each other.
  4. Ban the TV from the bedroom. Now if only you could ban the kids from sleeping with you.
  5. Read a sexy book together. Kids love bedtime stories so why can't adults enjoy the adult version? When you are snuggled up in bed, shaven, and in pretty pajamas, without the TV on, read an erotic novel or sexy how-to book to each other. It may just take romance to the next level.

How do you make yourself feel sexy?

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