The Dreaded Tighty Whities

men's underwearScenario: you go on several dates with a guy, he's great, you feel a connection. You're finally ready to take it to the physical level and move it to the bedroom. He takes off his pants and he's wearing...(cue scary music)...tighty whities.


Sex appeal instantly gone. The briefed boy never had a chance.

Maybe it's just me but I get seriously icked out by tighty whities on men. I think I'm so turned off by them because they remind me of my dad, and I do not want to be reminded of my father in the bedroom. Gross.

Am I being harsh or are there other severely anti-brief women out there? Let's join together and rid the world of the dreaded tighty-whities.

What is your underwear preference on men? Does your man's underwear pass your preference test?

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