Talk Dirty To Me

sexSex is as much of a mental interaction as it is physical. It's amazing how much power the spoken word has.


How far you take it depends on what turns you (and your partner) on and the mood that you're in. There have been nights where my SO's let something naughty slip and I bust into giggles like a little school girl. Other nights...well, it's caused a different reaction.

If you're hesitant to jump on the dirty talk train, try simply giving direction. Telling your partner what you like and where to go guarantees you pleasure and breaks down that verbal barrier.

melody77 recommends sexting, "It would help you open your mind up to dirty talking without the embarrassment."

But keep in mind there's a fine line between the mute and the porn star (though, if you wanna do the latter, by all means, more power to ya), so you have to find a good balance and find out what works best for you and your partner through trial and error.

Do you ever talk dirty in bed?

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