Pat Roberston's Haiti Comments Infuriate Christian Moms

TV evangelist Pat Robertson's Haiti comments have rubbed many people the wrong way this week. (For those of you who haven't heard, Robertson said that earthquake-ravaged Haiti was cursed by a pact with the devil and that the quake was a blessing in disguise.) We've even felt the echoes of the controversy here on CafeMom with numerous threads and posts about the topic popping up daily. A central theme in these posts is that Robertson's comments reflect poorly on Christianity as a whole and make Christians look bad. Check out this journal post from Cleanaturalady, a Christian Cafemom reacting to the claims:


At a time when Christians in the media could show the compassion, grace, and love of Christ, people like Pat Robertson have effectively alienated non-Christians by spouting negativity and condemnation. All that does is confirm the feelings of some non-Christians that Christians are a bunch of judgmental hypocrites who don't give a darn about anyone but themselves. I really don't understand what he was thinking or why he felt the need to abuse his platform like that, but I can tell you one thing. HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THIS CHRISTIAN. I hope he does not speak for the vast majority of Christians, and I have pity for the poor souls for whom he does speak.

Shame on you, Pat Robertson. You had a chance to step up and give everyone the gift of Jesus and you blew it.

Click the link to read more of Cleanaturalady's response to Pat Robertson's Haiti comments.

Are you angered by Pat Robertson's comments about Haiti? Do you think they reflect poorly on Christians? Or do you not understand what all the fuss is about?

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