The Male G-Spot And How to Find It

fountainThe male G-spot...oh yes, it does exist, and it's not nearly as difficult to find as the woman's G-spot is.


A guy's prostate gland, aka his G-spot, is located right under his bladder and is super sensitive. You can indirectly stimulate it by resting two fingers against the skin between his testicles and anus and apply pressure. As he gets closer to orgasm, rhythmically press the area until he climaxes.

Now, for those really frisky ladies out there, you can really send him into oblivion by direct stimulation. I've personally never tried this, but I did do my research and my more daring friends offered up their own provocative details. This method calls for a little more, er, insertion action. Again, this is not for the faint of heart. He may get squeemish about this, so don't push it if you feel him freaking out.

Gauge his reaction first by lightly touching around the anal area...if his erection doesn't deflate, then he more than likely enjoys it. But you'll probably want to get his permission before taking it to the next level, so after arousal has been confirmed, ask him if he'd like you to go further.

If he gives you the green light, lube up and gently insert your finger a couple of inches. Make sure your nails are cut and no rings (ouch!). Curl your finger toward the front of his body until you feel a round bulb of tissue the size of a walnut...that's the hot spot. Experiment to see what he likes...different men like different pressures and speeds.

Have you ever tried to find your man's G-spot?

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