My New Year's Resolution: Get Back in Touch With Old Friends


Photo by liltalymom29

Every year, I make the cliche New Year's resolution: to lose weight. And I never keep it.

This year, I'm making a resolution that's a little easier, but still very beneficial.

My resolution is to get back in touch with old friends from high school and college.



Ever since I moved three years ago, I've slowly lost touch. And shame on me, because I had some really great friends.

So my goal is to write to them or pick up the phone and call them. Texting and Facebook messages do not count, they are too impersonal. At first, I will have to force myself to make the time, which I admit, is not easy for me to do. But hopefully it will just become part of my routine and I will have these wonderful people back in my life.

I've already gotten a headstart on it by going to see people that I haven't seen in years while I was in my hometown for Christmas.We had so much to catch up on, and it really felt great.

What is your New Year's resolution?

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