10 Causes of Lack of Libido in Women

holding handsSure, there are those times when your partner initiates sex and you just don't feel like it. But many women complain about never wanting to have sex—despite being attracted to their partner. As it turns out, lack of sex drive in women may be more common than you think. Here are some common causes:


Are you wondering what a "normal" libido is like? Don't. Comparing yourself to other women, in terms of the number of times you have sex in, say, a week will get you no where fast.

What's important is to determine what's "normal" for you. And if your "normal" has decreased in recent months, and you're bothered by it, than it's definitely worth figuring out what's going on with your body and your sexual health.

Statistics show that four out of 10 women experience lack of libido at some point in their lives. According to Sex and a Healthier You, the following are causes of lack of sexual desire in women:

  1. Prescription drugs or medications you may be taking.
  2. Stress
  3. Drug or alcohol use.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Recent childbirth.
  6. Menopausal symptoms.
  7. Poor body image.
  8. Relationship problems with your partner.
  9. Medical problems and illnesses.
  10. Female sexual dysfunction.

If you are experiencing a lack of sexual desire and are bothered by it, please bring it up with your health care professional.

Have you ever experienced a lack of libido? When and why?


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