Maine and Gay Marriage: One CafeMom's Response

This week Maine rejected a law that would have legalized gay marriage. In response, JoyeAustin wrote a heart-felt open letter to the voters of Maine. Here's a brief excerpt:


Below is an excerpt from a journal post by CafeMom JoyeAustin.

You got suckered.

You were misled.

You allowed ignorance to halt a hugely progressive step forward towards true equality.

Ever since our governor signed our new gay marriage law into effect earlier this year, the "Christian" groups have been running campaigns to have it repealed at the ballot. Unfortunately, they were successful. They accomplished this through fear mongering and lies, incomplete information and twisted sensationalism.

For example, they claimed that second graders would be taught about gay marriage. I have a couple questions about this. First of all, anti-gay marriage voter, WHY does this scare you so much? Marriage is marriage, a union of two people. Teaching gay marriage is the same as teaching about straight marriage, and refusing to teach it doesn't mean it will cease to exist. It exists whether you like it or not.

Click this link to read the rest of her letter to the voters of Maine.


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