Do You Have Slow Sex?

bedI laughed when I read this article about a woman who answered a text in the middle of having sex. But apparently texting during sex is more common that I thought: In fact, some studies suggest that one-fifth of us interrupt sex to read an email, take a call, or tweet.

Really, people? (Barring an emergency) what could possibly be so important?


Some sexperts believe that our fast-paced, multi-tasking lifestyles are ruining our sex lives. (They're not saying there's anything wrong with quickies—who doesn't love a quickie?) But by only having fast, "efficient" sex, we may be missing out on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits that sex can offer.

The solution? Slow Sex, which can be described as slowing down in the bedroom and losing yourself in the moment instead of sprinting to get it over already. Besides helping you to connect to each other, slow sex can ultimately be more satisfying for both partners.

Here are some tips for how to have Slow Sex:

  • "Slow down" outside the bedroom. Take a few minutes to make time for flirting, touching, stolen glances, conversation, etc. so that your partner (and your desire for him/her) will be on your mind throughout the day.
  • Remove objects from the bedroom that can distract from sex: for example, phones, TVs, laptops, etc. Also, remove less tangible things that can make sex more stressful—orgasm quotas, deadlines, time limits, etc.
  • Make time for foreplay before sex: massage, stroking, eye contact, breathing in unison, etc.

Do you have Slow Sex? Or are you lucky these days if you even have time for a quickie?


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