Roleplay Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

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If he's Superman, you're a lucky lady!

With Halloween coming up and lots of people wearing costumes, why not take them into the bedroom?

It doesn't have to be one of those sexy costumes to make things hotter in between the sheets. It can be all about the role you play with that costume.

Picture this for Halloween: You are a witch in a long black dress and pointy hat; he is a ghost in a sheet with just the eyes cut out....


You can play up your "evil" side, telling him exactly what to do and he has to obey because, well, you're a witch and have the power.

Then your ghost can take over. You can't see him, so as you lay in bed, there's a mysterious spirit doing naughty things to you.

You can play this out with just about any costume.

Of course, you don't even need a costume for this to work -- you can pick personas any time of year and go with it. But for Halloween, why not?

Do you use roleplay to spice up your sex life? If you do it this Halloween, how would your roleplay scenario play out?


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