5 Must-Haves for an Erotic Massage

massage oil

Photo from Bath & Body Works

My husband and I aren't having much sex these days, but it's because I'm hugely pregnant -- 7 months along with twins. I'm lucky if I can waddle my way to the bathroom to pee. OK, it's not that bad, but as much as my mind would like to do the deed, my body isn't into it. But I am all for some massaging.

Could go for some right now...ankles please.

Erotic massage is great foreplay -- it helps sex last longer. Sure it may not change how long there is actual penetration, but this can help work up both partners to have stronger orgasms and prolong intimacy.

Massages are good even if you don't get to the sex part. So why not, right?

Here's what you need for an erotic massage....


First put the kids to bed. OK, ready?

  1. Massage oil. I really like the aromatherapy ones from Bath & Body Works, but there are tons of choices out there.
  2. Candles. Lights off. Everything looks better by candlelight.
  3. A blindfold. Use a scarf. Getting a massage when you are blindfolded makes you focus on the sensations more. It can get intense...in a good way.
  4. A feather. If you don't have a feather, you or your partner can use a hand to gently tickle different parts of the body before and after massaging that area. Trust me, it's super sexy even if you are a bit ticklish like I am.
  5. Music. Your call on how loud or soft you want it, but put on music that you both find sexy and relaxing. 

Do you and your partner massage each other? How have you made those massages erotic?


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