Can You Talk About Sex With Your Doctor?

female sign male signDo you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about sex? A new survey suggests that more than 80 percent of women do NOT discuss sexual problems with their health care provider. I bet you can guess the reason behind this reluctance, right?

A majority of women report having experienced a sexual issue, but were afraid of embarrassing their doctor by asking such basic sexual health questions as: "Why does it hurt when I have sex?" Or, "Will sex be the same after a vaginal delivery?"


A new Web site, Sex & a Healthier You, provides accurate answers to the sexual questions above, as well as other sexual health issues that many women experience. It aims to educate women about how to have a satisfying, healthy sex life, and to increase communication between women and their health care providers.

Check it out. There's info about rekindling the passion with your partner, medications that can affect sexual function, and, of course, how to talk to your doctor about sex. After all, sexual health is an important part of women's overall health. And we should be able to get the answers we deserve, no matter how "TMI" our questions may be.

Do you feel comfortable talking to your doctor about sexual health? Or are you too embarrassed?


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