National Boss Day 2009: How Do You Really Feel About Your Boss?

Because we're in the business of recognizing Hallmark holidays (National Grouch Day?), I thought I'd point out that today, October 16, is National Boss Day. This is the day when employees are supposed to kiss-up thank their supervisors for being kind and fair throughout the year. But I'm wondering how many workers will actually honor their boss today given this recent alarming statistic:

More than half of all U.S. employees think their bosses are dishonest.

Do you think that your supervisor is a liar? C'mon, ladies, we want to know: What do you really think of your boss?


I would just like it to go on the record that I have absolutely no complaints about my bosses. Moreover, I think National Boss Day is one of the most important holidays of the entire year. In fact, I wish we could celebrate it every day, twice a day!

But for those of you not prohibited by contract from defaming your bosses online (Just kidding!), I know you're dying to vent.

Let's hear it: What do you really think of your boss?


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