Do You Have Loud Sex?

sex in hotelI once had a conversation with my mom about loud porno sex. I have no idea how this topic was brought up. My mom and I do talk about lots of things, though sex usually isn't on that list. Sometimes, but not down and dirty nitty gritty talk.

She told me how she hated the fake sounding oohs and ahhs commonly found in porn. (OK, I'm realizing how gross this is sounding. My mom is talking about porn and I am sharing it with you. Hi, Mom!)

But I have to agree with her. There is a difference between natural oooh baby love sounds and fake I"'m just doing it to do it" guttural moans.


Being loud in bed doesn't always mean you are having amazing sex. Some fake it.

Being quiet in bed doesn't always mean you aren't having amazing sex. Some of my favorite lovemaking sessions have been nearly silent. Breathy, but quiet.

And with kids in the house, quiet sex is often the only option.

But some do benefit from loud sex. A long time ago I had this conversation with a woman and she said that being very vocal and loud during sex actually helps her orgasm. Which makes sense since deep breathing can help you climax.

I guess it just depends on how loud you deep breathe.

Are you a loud lovemaker? Does it ever bother you if your partner is being too loud or too quiet?


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